OmegaPro has made its collapse into a story about “hackers!”

In a “official statement” that was sent out earlier today, OmegaPro writes (language mistakes are left in):

After looking at the technical problems OmegaPro has been having over the past week, it is clear that we have been the target of a long-term, sophisticated cyberattack by a group of criminals we don’t know.

As part of an exit scam, “hackers!” is often used in MLM scams. Here, “hackers!” is being used by OmegaPro to cover up a collapse that happened in the past.

When withdrawals were turned off at the beginning of November, BehindMLM said that OmegaPro would fail on November 27.

I think this is just a trick to get OmegaPro through the holidays, when more people usually ask to get their money out of Ponzi schemes.

Around this time last year, the well-known CashFX Group Ponzi scheme also stopped withdrawals for the same reason.

OmegaPro says they work with “Hacker House” as part of their “hackers!” ruse.

To protect our community and members, we’ve hired “Hacker House,” one of the world’s leading cyber security firms, from London.

While we try to come up with good countermeasures, the platform will unfortunately be down until we can make sure our community is safe.

I think the “hackers!” problems with OmegaPro will be fixed just before or after Christmas.

Who is Hacker House, and why are they said to be helping one of the biggest MLM Ponzi schemes that is still running?

Their website says;

Hacker House was made to quickly, effectively, and efficiently close the skills gap. Our students are taught by some of the best ethical hackers in the world. They are thrown right into simulations of real-world cyber-attacks and are graded on a wide range of practical assignments that cover every angle.

In short, we teach students how to think, act, and move like hackers, and then we show them how to beat them at their own game.

Hacker House offers more than just educational courses; it also offers assessment services.

The “blockchain project” service from Hacker House starts at $200,000.

Does the fact that Hacker House works with MLM Ponzi schemes change the fact that OmegaPro was a Ponzi scheme that failed? No.

It does, however, make it possible for the government to take action against Hacker House in the future.

Dubai, which is the MLM crime capital of the world, is where OmegaPro is run. The group Hacker House is said to be based in the UK.

Jennifer Arcuri, who started Hacker House, says that she is “based in London and the United States.”

This could be a way for the SEC and DOJ to catch OmegaPro, but the company has been careful to mostly target countries in the third world. When it comes to MLM-related securities fraud, the UK government is known for not being able to stop it.

As was already said, if OmegaPro does allow withdrawals again, it will probably be after the Christmas rush.

The main thing to take away from this is that OmegaPro is under pressure from withdrawal liability. Since it’s a Ponzi scheme, that debt will only get bigger over time.

Changes for December 30, 2022 – OmegaPro’s collapse exit scam is now over. Broker Group has said that there will be a new start.

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