The HyperFund and Hyperverse integrated HOO exchange has gone down since withdrawals were stopped around June 2022.

Since HOO turned off withdrawals in June, anyone who had money in the exchange couldn’t get to it.

Soon after that, HOO stopped using its social media accounts. This happened in early July.

Around November 18th, HOO took its website down. When someone goes to HOO’s website domain, they are now sent to a message with Xu Tong Hua’s contact information.

No one knows who Xu Tong Hua is.

Hyper Optimum Organization, or HOO, was started by Ruixi Wang (on the right) in 2017.

At least since 2020, Ryan Xu and Sam Lee have been using HOO in their Ponzi schemes HyperFund and Hyperverse.

Farzam Kamalabadi was at the center of all of this coming together.

HOO is thought to have been the main way that money from the Hyper* Ponzi schemes was laundered, as well as the company that processed payments for the Hyper* Ponzi schemes.

In September 2021, HOO made Kamalabadi an official part-owner and Global Executive Chairman.

HOO user account balances are thought to have been taken by Ruixi Wang, Farzam Kamalabadi, and the other executive shareholders of HOO.

It’s not clear if Wang is still in Hong Kong or if he’s already left.

Kamalabadi, Xu, Lee, and the Hyper* Ponzi scheme, which has since failed, were all based in Dubai.

HOO made a big deal about being based in Hong Kong at first.

The Royal Family of Dubai asked HOO Exchange to use the entire office building provided by the Dubai government as its global operations headquarters and to start working closely with the local government in a friendly way.

HOO said in October 2021 that it planned to move its “global operation center” to Dubai.

It’s not surprising that fraud is linked to Dubai’s royal family. Over the past few years, Dubai’s government has worked hard to keep the emirate’s reputation as a place where people steal from each other.

BehindMLM said that Dubai is the MLM crime capital of the world because scammers are moving to the emirate to stay out of trouble with the law.

Kamalabadi and Sam Lee continue to cheat investors through StableDAO, which shows how Dubai is corrupt and doesn’t care about fraud.

StableDAO is basically a continuation of Lee’s Hyperverse Ponzi scheme, which failed. Investors in HyperDAO put up to $5 million up front in exchange for the promise of up to 7% a month.

Returns are paid in STBL and sSTBL shit tokens, which StableDAO makes out of thin air when needed.

SimilarWeb doesn’t record any traffic to StableDao’s website domain every month. Investors don’t seem to trust Sam Lee and Kamalabadi because they have lost a lot of money and have been duped by reload scams.

Realistically, it’s not likely that the Chinese or Dubai government will do anything about HOO exchange. The same goes for Xu and Lee’s Ponzi schemes, Hyper* and StableDAO.

The total amount of money that investors lost in the HOO and Hyper* scams is unknown, but it is thought to be at least $1 billion USD.

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