Leonardo Cositorto, who is a Generation Zoe scammer, has had his third bail request turned down.

Thursday was the day of Cositorto’s hearing. The court made its decision because “the case has not changed.”

About a week ago, Cositorto was unhappy with the way things were in the prison where he was being held.

Everything here is disgusting, from the food to the bug spray for cockroaches.

People sleep in pairs on mattresses or under beds. There are no bathrooms here.

We pee in a drum, and I’ve pooped on top of a piece of cardboard. They don’t give us toilet paper for even 5 days, and if we say something, they punish us.

Officials at the prison have denied what Cositorto said.

Cositorto also said that Argentina’s legal system is full of “corruption, extortion, and manipulation” before his trial. Regarding Cositorto’s case, no proof has been given to back up these claims.

Generation Zoe was a straightforward MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme. Cositorto ran away to Argentina when it fell apart. This is probably why his requests for bail have been turned down over and over again.

As is often the case with MLM Ponzi schemes, people who have been scammed by the scheme have rallied around Cositorto and refuse to admit they have been taken advantage of.

So, the people in charge of Generation Zoe were able to steal another $190,000 from investors.

The money was supposed to be used to get Cositorto out of jail. Clarin says that those funds have “disappeared” since then.

Generation Zoe investors are known to be especially gullible. They are said to hold daily Zoom webinars and join Telegram and WhatsApp groups. In these echo chambers, they deny simple math and keep saying that Cositorto is not guilty.

Clarin also says that if Cositorto were to get out of Bouwer Prison, he would likely be arrested again right away because two other criminal cases against him are going on at the same time.

Police in Argentina is still gathering evidence against Cositorto and other local Generation Zoe scammers. This week, the police got a warrant to arrest Javier Sebastián Medina, the leader of the Generation Zoe gang in Goya.

Authorities say that Medina has been trying to hide assets and evidence of Generation Zoe fraud.

Next Tuesday, Medina is supposed to go to court.

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