ShopWithMe’s website doesn’t have information about who owns the company or who runs it.

ShopWithMe uses the domain name “,” which will be registered privately on April 14, 2021.

Melanie, a reader of BehindMLM, talked about an article in Direct Selling Magazine on June 30. The article from June 28 says that ShopWithMe was started by Christian Wiesner.

With Shopwithme, Christian Wiesner starts a new trend in social commerce.

Dr. Keywan Grashoff, the mother of Christian Wiesner, started Shopwithme GmbH, which is based in the federal capital.

On ShopWithMe’s website, Wiesner’s name shows up as a “representative.”

The contact information given proves Germany is where ShopWithMe is based. But the address given belongs to Regus, a company that sells virtual offices.

BehindMLM knows Christian Wiesner as the founder and CEO of WellStar.

In 2015, Wiesner and Kari Wahlroos got into a fight, and BehindMLM wrote about it.

Wahlroos started working at WellStar in 2014 and quickly became a Crown Ambassador. Wahlroos was often called one of the “top leaders” at WellStar.

Then, at the end of 2015, Wahlroos quit WellStar to be the face of the well-known OneCoin Ponzi scheme.

Wiesner didn’t like it one bit.

Wiesner said that Wahlroos was doing “criminal things.” Wahlroos changed his mind and, in a public letter, explained how WellStar does business.

The real problem is that, as Wellstars’ top leader and leader with the most success, I have decided that this company will never keep the promises it makes.

I’ve talked to you many times about how to solve problems, but you never do. Over the past 18 months, all you’ve told us is “recruit more” and “sell more tickets.”

The way Wellstar is run is still a disgrace.

Flaws in products. A system for taking back products that don’t work. Partner support is terrible and there is no customer support.

How many times did my team have to show you the problems before you stopped blaming us?

I loved the idea behind the product and I like you as a person, but as CEO you don’t do your job, so the company is a mess.

We both know that so many leaders have quit because they don’t make any money, so you have to start a new country every three months.

In January 2016, BehindMLM looked at WellStar. What we found seemed to back up what Wahlroos said.

WellStar is an MLM opportunity that needs to be completely changed. This could be because of language barriers or because it started twelve years ago.

On the WellStar website, there isn’t enough information about retail prices, affiliate membership costs, and the basic compensation plan. This can cause problems.

As for the pay plan itself, there is a lot of information, but most of it doesn’t make sense.

We found that WellStar’s business model was based on autoship recruitment, which would make it a pyramid scheme.

Readers of BehindMLM said that WellStar would fail in the middle or end of 2020. Early in 2021, the company’s website was no longer there.

By the middle of 2021, Wiesner was in a mess with the WellStar shell company. A German court would order WellStar GmbH & Co. KG to go out of business on February 15, 2022, because of this.

A few months later, ShopWithMe came out.

I think Wiesner’s tricks with the WellStar shell company are why his mother is being called ShopWithMe’s founder instead of him.

Read on for a full review of the MLM opportunity offered by ShopWithMe.

Products from ShopWithMe
ShopWithMe doesn’t sell any goods or services on its own.

ShopWithMe gives you access to an online shopping platform where products from third parties are sold.

Wiesner says that the products offered by ShopWithMe cover beauty, fitness, and health in an official ShopWithMe marketing video.

The ShopWithMe payment plan
ShopWithMe’s compensation plan pays out when retail customers and affiliates that ShopWithMe has found buy products.

Like any other eCommerce platform, ShopWithMe gets a cut from the merchants whose products it features.

ShopWithMe’s compensation plan is paid for by a portion of the commissions it earns.

To keep things simple, “customers” will refer to both retail customers and affiliates from now on unless it’s made clear otherwise.

Ranks ShopWithMe Affiliate
The ShopWithMe pay plan has seven different levels.

Here are their names and the qualifications they need to meet:

  • Affiliate: Sign up as a ShopWithMe affiliate National Success Coach (NSC): Earn 400 PV and buy five tickets
  • International Success Coach (ISC): Recruit 30 NSCs Gold Executive Leader (GEL): Recruit 50 NSCs
  • Gold Executive Director (GED) – Recruit 100 NSCs or 3 ISCs. Gold Executive President – Recruit 100 NSCs or 3 ISCs (GEP) Chairman
  •  Executive (CE): Recruit 150 NSCs or 5 ISCs.

    Here is a marketing slide from one of Christian Wiesner’s official presentations:

Most of it doesn’t make sense, but I was able to understand the 400 PV NSC xx ISC rank qualification criteria. I don’t know what the rest of it is, and Wiesner doesn’t tell me.

“Tickets” refers to the marketing events that Wiesner puts on for ShopWithMe.

Tickets to a ShopWithMe marketing event cost EUR 9.95 and €4.95 in the Baltic states.

Wiesner says that the difference in prices for the Baltic countries is because “people there don’t make much money.”

Commissions from each customer
Affiliates of ShopWithMe get a cut of the sales of customers they send to the site.

Any customer who buys something on the shop with me platform can earn up to 21%.

Your commission depends on how much the customer is saving when they buy something at Shopwithme.

The criteria for “rebate status” are not given.

Commissions from repeat customers
ShopWithMe pays commissions on customer purchases that keep coming in the future.

With a unilevel compensation structure, an affiliate is at the top of a unilevel team, and every other affiliate they recruit is right under them (level 1):

If an affiliate on level 1 brings in new affiliates, those new affiliates join the original affiliate’s unilevel team on level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates bring in new affiliates, they move to level 3, and so on until there are no more levels to go down.

ShopWithMe has a limit of ten payable unilevel team levels.

You can earn another 42% on the PV (Provision Volume) of all customer orders from up to 10 levels of SBOs on your team.

There are no details about the commission rates for each of the ten unilevel team levels.

Momentum Bonus
Affiliates who are new to ShopWithMe can get the Momentum Bonus during their first twelve weeks with the company.

The Momentum Bonus is made up of the total amount of commissionable sales.

PV stands for “Personal Volume,” which is the number of sales that an affiliate brings in.

“Group Volume” is what “GV” stands for. GV is the amount of PV that an affiliate and their downline have made.

The “Residual Customer Commissions” and the “Momentum Bonus” are paid out by the same unilevel team (see above).

The Momentum Bonus has four tiers based on how many PV and GV are made:

Bonus Start (160 PV): Get a 20% Momentum Bonus on level 1 and a 5% Momentum Bonus on levels 2 and 3. Advance Start: (generate 320 PV and 1200 GV) – Get a 25% Momentum Bonus on Power Start Level 1, 5% on Level 2, 10% on Level 3, and 5% on Level 4. (generate 400 PV and 2800 GV) – Get a 35% Momentum Bonus on level 1, 5% on level 2, 10% on levels 3 and 4, 5% on level 5, and 2% on levels 6 and 7. (generate 480 PV and 4000 GV) – Get a 40% Momentum Bonus on level 1, 5% on level 2, 10% on levels 3 and 4, and 5% on levels 5 through 8.
Every week, the Momentum Bonus is given out. ShopWithMe, on the other hand, doesn’t say if the PV/GV requirements are met once or over a set period.

If I had to guess, I’d say that the PV/GV requirements for the Momentum Bonus happen weekly or monthly over the twelve-week qualification period.

Bonus Pools
ShopWithMe gives NSC and higher-ranked affiliates a piece of six bonus pools based on their rank:

  • qualify at NSC and get a piece of a 1% Bonus Pool (2% if you qualified at NSC within 12 weeks of signing up).
  • if you pass ISC, you’ll get a piece of a 3% Bonus Pool (6% if you passed NSC within 12 weeks of ISC).
  • if you qualify at GEL, you’ll get a piece of a 4% Bonus Pool (or 8% if you qualified at ISC within 12 weeks of GEL).
  • if you pass the GED, you’ll get a piece of a 5% Bonus Pool (or 10% if you pass the GED within 12 weeks of passing the GEL).
  • if you pass GEP, you’ll get a piece of a 6% Bonus Pool (12% if you pass GEP within 12 weeks of passing GED).
  • if you pass CE, you’ll get a piece of a 7% Bonus Pool (14% if you passed CE within 12 weeks of passing GEP).
  • Bonus Pools are paid for by a percentage of all commissionable sales made by ShopWithMe as a whole.

    Bonus Pools are paid for by a percentage of all commissionable sales made by ShopWithMe as a whole.

Note that ShopWithMe does not tell you how to get a range 199

Getting into ShopWithMe
There are three prices for becoming a ShopWithMe affiliate:

Digital Pro Start Package – €199 EUR
Basic Set + Digital Pro Package – €599
VIP Set + Digital Pro Package
Each tier comes with more tools and products for marketing. This is what the VIP Set + Digital Pro Package is all about:

Get all of the best training and tools for becoming a social commerce millionaire. SCM Elearning, SCM Shop System, and Shopwithme Recruiting AI Package + Shopwithme Worldwide BusinessCellular 4 of the best skin care products from the BIONIC TECH Skin Care Series + The latest Bodycare Revolution Celluclear and the famous GROOMSTER FACE & BODY CARE DEVICE for a sensational price, you pay only Elearning for a reduced price and get SCM Shopsystem and Shopwithme AI Recruiting Module for free.

Comes with a required 3-month digital ASP of 69€/product ASP of EUR 99ich can be canceled each month.

From this, it looks like there is also a “mandatory” monthly cost of €69 or €99 EUR.

Note that consumers don’t know how much it costs to be a ShopWithMe aShowtimeithout an affiliate referral link.

The End of ShopWithMe
Even though it looks like an online business…

Shopwithme is a 100% turnkey social commerce business that makes it easy for anyone to join the social commerce megatrend even if they don’t have any business experience or are worried about the risks of running a traditional business.

Shopwithme is making and releasing revolutionary new tools and technologies to make social commerce referrals fast, fun, and easy.

Members can save thousands of euros each year by doing simple and fun online sharing activities for just a few minutes.

Shopwithme shop owners can make money on thousands of wellness, beauty, personal care, fitness, and other products without investing money in a warehouse, customer service, or complicated product approvals and imports.

By inviting new members to your shop, who can save up to 90% on their every month by inviting their friends, you can get more new members.

Most of our customers buy our products on a monthly basis, so you can build up a very large passive income in your spare time without having to pay for a warehouse or staff.

ShopWithMe is based on Christian Wiesner’s failed “sell tickets!” model for Well.

Again, to quote what Kari Wahlroos said about this in 2015:

I’ve talked to you many times about how to solve the problems, but you never do. Over the past 18 months, all you’ve told us is “recruit more” and “sell more tickets.”

I didn’t know what he meant at the time, but now that I’ve seen one of Wiesner’s ShopWithMe presentations, I know that he mostly talked about buying and selling tickets.

It seems that buying five tickets makes you a National Success Coach.

If you buy your tyou’reickets, you can move on to “Stage 2,” which is a meet-and-greet at a ShopWithMe event in your area.

If you and your downline buy a hundred tickets, you can move on to “Stage 3,” which is a dinner with Wiesner.

The way Wiesner talks about the Stage 3 dinner is… strange.

The third stage is a dinner for the CEO right after the event. Meeting Ghazala and Christian for dinner.

Yes, you did hear it. Most people only dream about things like this.

ThiChampionsinner table that only a few people can use. Most people can only dream of sitting there if they are Triple Champion.

And right after the event, when everyone needs to go home, you’ll tell them, “I’d love to go home with you, but the CEO asked me to go to private dinners instead.” I’m sorry I can’t join you.”

A glass of champagne is a “meet and greet.” Fifteen minutes of talking and taking pictures, and that’s it. Thank you so much, and see you later.

Right now, it costs a lot to have a private dinner. A lot of money.

Don’t call yourself a leader if you don’t have 100 tickets.

You’ll be invited to a CEO dinner if you sell one hundred tickets to your team.


Wiesner calls the marketing events for ShopWithMe “tours.”

I went back to the original BehindMLM review to see how I understood WellStar’s compensation plan.

The names of the ranks and how they pay out have changed, but most of the problems that were brought up in 2016 are still there.

WellStar is an MLM opportunity that needs to be completely changed. This could be because of language barriers or because it started twelve years ago.

On the WellStar website, there isn’t enough information about retail prices, affiliate membership costs, and the basic compensation plan. This can cause problems.

As for the pay plan itself, there is a lot of information, but most of it doesn’t make sense.

Change WellStar to ShopWithMe and all of that is still true after six years.

It doesn’t say much about Wiesner as a leader, but it makes sense if he’s only interested in selling tickets to events where he’s the main attraction.

During the 47-minute “leaders” ShopWithMe marketing presentation I listened to, Wiesner never mentioned retail sales in any way.

ShopWithMe is all about getting people to sign up and buy tickets. Exactly what Kari Wahlroos said she didn’t like in 2015.

I couldn’t even confirm that ShopWithMe has an eCommerce platform.

Wiesner says that ShopWithMe affiliates can make a “full-time income with only an hour of work a day.” That’s not possible, and if it were done in the US, it would be a clear violation of the FTC.

For now, Wiesner is trying to sell ShopWithMe in Europe and other places he can visit on his “tours.”

SimilarWeb says that 32% of the traffic to ShopWithMe’s website comes from Germany, which is 84% less than it was from May to June.

ShopWithMe is also being promoted in 19% of Algeria, 14% of the US, 11% of the UK, and 9% of Pakistan.

ShopWithMe looks like a second round of the pyramid scheme Wiesner started with WellStar, no matter where it is being sold.

WellStar ended with a lot of people losing money and shell companies falling apart. Don’t think anything will be different when ShopWithMe crashes and burns.

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