The Ponzi scheme run by Nimbus Platform has now failed for the third time.

In an instant restart, a third Ponzi shit token has been released.

Annual ROI rates have been cut, and a new SYNTA token scam has just started.

On December 31, 2022, the changes to ROI for the Nimbus Platform were announced.

According to the message above, Nimbus Platform will change the annual ROI from 100% to 35% to 45% as of January 12.

The new Ponzi scheme from Nimbus Platform will be run by NIMB and GNIMB, which seem to have started a few weeks ago, in late December.

When it started up in 2020, Nimbus Platform was just a simple NMBT Ponzi points scheme. When that scheme fell apart in early 2021, Nimbus Platform used NBU tokens to start up the Ponzi scheme again.

This second version fell apart at the end of 2022, which led to the third start-over with NIMB and GNIMB tokens.

How long the third restart of the Nimbus Platform lasts is still to be seen.

SimilarWeb has seen that the number of people visiting Nimbus Platform’s website is going down through 2022. As of December 2022, Germany, Spain, and Colombia are the top three places where people visit the Nimbus Platform website.

Recruitment in Germany seems to have stopped, as it dropped to 41% in December, which is 45% less than it was in November.

Nimbus Platform seems to be keeping itself alive by recruiting victims in Spain (13% of traffic, the second largest source). Traffic from Colombia fell to 13%, which is 30% less than the previous month.

The launch of Synta is the other change to the Nimbus Platform.

A press release from Nimbus Platform on December 31 describes the launch of Synta as a partnership.

As a partner, we work with SYNTA and help them integrate crypto solutions into their product ecosystem.

SYNTA is a multi-finance brokerage infrastructure with a matching engine that can handle 1000 orders per second.

SYNTA is one of the fastest brokerages on the market today because its system is scalable and can be expanded to meet customer needs.

Synta is a place where stolen cryptocurrency from the Nimbus Platform can be laundered, but it also has its fake investment scheme.

Up to 300 million SYNTA tokens will be made, and all of them will run directly on the BNB Smart Chain.

Through an annual airdrop, SYNTA holders will get a share of 20% of the audited net profits.

Also, the annual airdrop goes up by 20% if the ecosystem stays stable for more than 360 days.

It looks like the SYNTA token is a BEP-20 shit token. These can be set up quickly and for very little or no money.

The domain name for Synta’s website, “,” was registered privately in April 2022. There is no information about who owns or runs the business.

SYNTA is getting ready to launch the first phase of IDO. On January 4, 2023, only 3,080,000 SYNTA tokens will be for sale. On the Nimbus Platform, you will be able to buy the token with BUSD or BNB.

SYNTA will be on Nimbus Swap soon after the first phase IDO.

From what you’ve read, it’s pretty clear that the same con artists who made the Nimbus Platform also made Synta.

Nimbus Platform started with Andrea Zanon as CEO and David Mazaheri as CTO. A few months into the Ponzi scheme, Zanon disappeared.

On September 7, 2020, Fernando Martinho took over as CEO of Zanon.

By the time the Nimbus Platform fell apart at the beginning of 2021, Martinho was also gone.

Alex Lemberg, the company’s third CEO, was in charge of the company’s comeback.

You probably already knew this, but Lemberg has also gone missing at the same time as the second collapse of the Nimbus Platform.

Patricio Pozzi, who started as the fourth CEO of Nimbus Platform in early December 2022, is in charge of the third reboot of the company.

Pozzi was hired from inside the company and has been Vice President of Nimbus Platform since 2021.

Whoever is really in charge of Nimbus Platform keeps hiring Boris CEOs to run the company, in case that wasn’t clear.

When the third reboot of the Nimbus Platform fails, likely, Pozzi will also be gone. It’s still not clear if there will be a fourth start-over.

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