In July 2017, charges of OneCoin fraud were brought against Gilbert Armenta. In April 2018, he admitted to the charges.

Armenta was put in jail while he was waiting to be sentenced, but he was let out on compassionate grounds in late 2020.

Since then, the dates for Armenta’s sentencing have been moved back again and again.

The official reason why Armenta’s sentencing has been delayed is “forfeiture and other sentencing-related issues,” which has been said many times. Not much can be learned from this.

Now, a new filing from Armenta shows what’s keeping things from moving forward.

On July 13, Armenta’s lawyer sent a letter to the court asking that his bail conditions be changed.

We respectfully ask that Mr. Armenta’s bail conditions be changed so that he can leave his apartment from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday every week.

Neither the government nor the Pre-trial Services have a problem with this request.

Armenta (on the right) also asked for permission to leave his home between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. to go to any medical appointments.

Armenta has been living with these rules for two years without any problems, which is why he wants them changed. This leads us to the reason for the wait.

The parties have been trying to delay Mr. Armenta’s sentencing so that the sentencing in United States v. Mark S. Scott can happen first. They may try to do the same thing with the next sentencing date.

Armenta is supposed to get his sentence on July 27. As before, though, this will almost certainly be pushed back again.

Mark Scott was in charge of how OneCoin laundered money in the US.

In November 2019, Scott was found guilty of laundering money from OneCoin.

Putting Scott in jail has taken just as long as Armenta’s case. Scott asked for a new trial in December 2021 so he wouldn’t have to go to jail.

The schedule for Armenta’s sentencing is still up in the air until a decision is made about that motion.

On July 14, the court agreed to Armenta’s request to change his bail.

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