Investors in Hyperverse will have to pay up to $100,000 to move their positions to HyperNation.

This update is based on a HyperNation webinar that Rory Conacher and Sean Maaske put on.

Conacher and Maaske are South African Hyper* promoters.

Through “The Rocket Community,” Conacher promotes MLM crypto Ponzi schemes;

The Rocket Community is home to thousands of crypto fans. It was started by Rory Conacher in 2013 and renamed in 2021.

We are an independent community resource that was made to help people in the community find the best services, tools, and resources for Blockchains, DeFi, NFTs, and Cryptocurrencies.

It’s not clear if Maaske is part of The Rocket Community.

Under the guise of “purchasing nodes,” the move from Hyperverse to HyperNation is being sold.

Investors in Hyperverse can choose between two different price levels for moving their funds:

$10,000: Move your Hyperverse investment position, but you can only make money on the first ten levels of your downline.
$100,000: Move your Hyperverse investment position and make money on your whole team.
There are three traps.

Hyperverse funds can’t be used to pay migration fees. Once paid, investment positions will be moved “at some point in the future,” and for Hyperverse investors to make money on their downlines, those downlines also need to pay migration fees.
So, Ryan Xu and the rest of the Hyper* scammers are looking for an easy way to get money. The ability to move is already there, but it is locked behind a paywall.

HyperNation is promising a 500% return on investment (ROI) to make up for the crazy fees. It is said that this will be paid at a rate of 0.7% per day.

Anyone who is interested in this should remember that HyperFund failed in late 2021. The new version of Hyperverse fell apart almost as soon as it started.

Sean Maaske, for his part, says he is not moving over.

I can tell you right now that I’m not moving anywhere else. I won’t go to HyperNation again. That’s what I want.

It’s not fair to tell someone, “Don’t worry about that, let’s go here instead.” That’s not fair. That’s not right.

Withdrawals from Hyperverse and HyperNation are still broken, and all Hyper* coins are either not working or have essentially stopped working.

Ryan Xu and Sam Lee, who own Hyper*, have been on the run since early 2021, when they fled to Dubai.

Most of the Hyper* leaders, or net-winners, have already left the ship, leaving mostly victims behind.

I don’t know if Rory Conacher is a Hyper* net-winner or not, but here’s what he’s telling his downline:

Look, I’m just as upset as each and every one of you. I don’t like how things have turned out. We are all sad.

But they also have to wear the shoe on their foot. No matter how you wash it, things were used badly.

Remember that they said they would consider people with 300 or more accounts to be the bad boys. Oh my goodness, I mean three hundred accounts.

Funny enough, Conacher doesn’t talk about how Hyper* corporate stole hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars from investors and ran away with the money.

Let’s talk about the FSCA and what’s going on in South Africa.

So, around October of last year, I started working with the governing bodies and regulators to make sure we were doing everything right.

And that was done to make sure everyone was safe.

So you already know that there have been problems with plans and all that. We wanted to check that what we were doing was legal. We also wanted to make sure everything was done right.

Since October, we’ve been working with this governing body, and we’ve been able to make sure that they don’t see Hyperverse or HyperFund as a Ponzi scheme because of how we explained it.

Conacher seems to be making things up. The FSCA hasn’t signed up any of the Hyper* schemes. All of them are illegal Ponzi schemes that Conacher and Maske have been promoting and still are.

This is called fraud on the stock market. Securities fraud is against the law everywhere, including South Africa, even though the FSCA isn’t very good at stopping it.

Conacher says that the FSCA is “dealing with the HyperTech Group,” which is pretty funny. Ryan Xu and Sam Lee used HyperTech to run their different Hyper* Ponzi schemes over the years.

Conacher’s attempt to silence Hyper* victims by telling lies about FSCA compliance is obvious.

The problem we’re having right now is that we have our own community, but there are also other communities that aren’t part of The Rocket Community and may not have done things the right way or told people about things in a different way.

But now, everyone is rushing to the FSCA and saying, “We can’t get our money out. Our money can’t get out.”

So right away, that makes everything look like a red flag. So all of the work we’re doing to negotiate is now at risk.

Because if it gets bad enough, everyone loses. Everything is shut down, and then you wait many, many years and everyone goes through a process.

In Hyper*, the truth is that everyone has already lost. Since HyperFund went bankrupt around October 2021, withdrawals have been stopped or put on hold in one way or another.

HyperNation seems to have found its feet in Italy, the UK, and Canada after an embarrassing launch party for idiots.

It looks like HyperNation has stopped recruiting in Colombia.

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