ImpulsX wants people to buy its IPX Ponzi token by sending it to MetFI.

Well, that’s the pitch, at least. ImpulsX’s founders make money quickly on the back end.

In a letter to investors sent on July 18, ImpulsX said the following:

As we look for ways to make IPX more expensive… We found a very interesting project called MetFI that uses NFTs, Web3, and the Metaverse. It also has a program for people who want to promote it.

ImpulsX decided to become an affiliate at MetFi to make money, which will be used to buy back IPX tokens and open up new markets for IPX.

By doing this, the price of the token will have to go up, which will be good for everyone who owns IPX.

So, as a member of the ImpulsX and IPX communities, we’d like you to watch this short video. Then, we’ll tell you how to move forward with the process.

As we said, the ImpulsX position will be completely open, and you will be able to see the earnings on the blockchain and in the program itself.

All the money will be used to raise the price and use of IPX, so everyone who owns IPX will benefit.

ImpulsX is a Ponzi scheme that was started in early 2021 by Darren Bradbury and Mark Verdellen.

Since then, Verdellen has become the CFO of the Elevate Pass Ponzi scheme.

Mets is a crypto-based Ponzi scheme that is run by unknown people. Mets say that investing in NFT will give you a return of 1000% per year.

There is an ImpulsX IPX token, but I couldn’t determine its value. I think it’s probably in the toilet though if they’re trying to get people to join other Ponzi schemes.

Based on data from SimilarWeb, it looks like the US market for ImpulsX investors has dried up. The Ponzi scheme is likely still going because Italy is hiring more people.

Still, math is math. Even though sending victims to MetFi might put off what is going to happen, the withdrawal pressure on IPX will only grow over time.

To be clear, this is just ONE way to try to drive up the price of IPX. More to come!

Once MetFi stops adding new members, Bradbury will likely start putting ImpulsX investors into other Ponzi schemes.

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