People think that Justin Halladay and Luigi Bruni are at the top of the CashFX Group Ponzi.

CashFX Group has been saying withdrawals are just around the corner for more than a year, but Halladay and Bruni have almost disappeared from the company. It looks like they broke up.

As Harry Page noticed in the CashFX Scam – Now What? Bruni sent out a warning to the public yesterday:

When he was asked who he was talking about, Bruni said:

I have one person in mind, but there’s no need to name them.

Those who know me well will likely be right.

Halladay seemed to give a response in between his attacks on the Bible.

If you’re wondering why Ponzi scammers act so religious, it’s because they often feel guilty.

Halladay uses religion all the time to hide the fact that he stole millions of dollars from CashFX Group customers.

Religion is a way to deal with problems. It also makes it hard for believers to accept the fact that they were tricked.

Bruni leaving CashFX Group is at the heart of the fight between Halladay and Bruni:

In a strange twist, Halladay has almost completely left CashFX Group himself. Certainly in public.

Halladay stopped promoting CashFX Group in public last year, even though he was still making money from the Ponzi scheme.

Since CashFX Group is Halladay’s main source of income, it makes sense that he wants to keep it going as long as possible. Bruni’s decision to leave the company goes against that.

While CashFX Group corporate and Halladay continue to take most of the money invested (yes, people are still putting money into a Ponzi scheme that has failed), victims are given excuse after excuse.

“CashFX Group phase 2” is the latest stupid thing. Launch is expected sometime in Q3, Q4, 2023, or 2024. or waiting until Huascar and the rest of the group come up with a new plan.

CashFX Group has been looked at by regulators in eighteen countries, with Canada being the most recent (again).

Even though it’s one of the bigger Ponzi schemes to come out in the last few years, the government hasn’t been able to stop it yet.

Update, July 22, 2022: Luigi Bruni has confirmed that he has left CashFX Group for the new 8 Minute Trader opportunity from Youngevity.

On social media, Bruni and Justin Halladay are still fighting with each other. The people in charge of CashFX Group are nowhere to be found, and most investors still can’t get their money out.

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