Thailand has arrested Tedy Teow, who was in charge of the MBI International Ponzi scheme.

The police say that Teow was caught using his online gambling business to launder money.

The Bangkok Post says that Teow (on the right) is a “Malaysian billionaire.”

Tedy, whose real name is Teow Wooi Huat, was arrested early Friday morning at the headquarters of his business empire, MBI Group, in Dan Nok, near the border checkpoint in Sadao district of the southern province.

Pol Lt. Gen. Surachate Hakparn, who works for the national police chief, said that Mr. Teow, who is 55 years old, was charged with laundering money from online gambling in southern Thailand.

Malaysian authorities shut down the $165 million Ponzi scheme MBI International in 2017.

In 2017, Teow was caught in Malaysia. In 2018, he was officially accused of laundering money and committing financial fraud.

Teow was given bail for some strange reason, and then he quickly left Malaysia or Macau.

There, Teow started to hide the money he got from MBI International by buying “high-end property” in Malaysia and Thailand.

Authorities in Macau finally figured out what was going on and charged Teow with $83 million worth of money laundering in 2021.

Police think that Mr. Teow was in charge of a group that tricked people in Macau into putting their money in fake companies.

Because of this, Teow left Macau and moved to Thailand, where he seems to have lived a “life of luxury.”

He was first taken into custody by Malaysian police in 2017 on drug charges.

It wasn’t clear what happened to those charges or how he got into Thailand and was able to live a luxurious life there.

I think you can connect Teow and Teow.

We don’t know if Thailand will do a better job than Malaysia and Macau of putting Teow behind bars.

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