The Superintendencia de Banca in Peru has warned OmegaPro about securities fraud.

It is the second time the SBS has warned the company about fraud.

The SBS warned on July 12 that OmegaPro is

running a business in the country. without being signed up or given permission by the SBS.

Article 11 of Law No. 26702, General Law of the Financial System and the Insurance System and Organic Law of the Superintendence of Banking and Insurance, says that anyone who wants to collect or receive money from third parties in the form of a deposit, mutual, or any other way needs to get permission from the SBS first.

In other places, this is the same as a warning about securities fraud.

Back in December 2020, SBS said that OmegaPro was a business that was against the law. Even though OmegaPro has been labeled, it is still being advertised all over Peru.

According to SimilarWeb, Peru is currently the second biggest source of visitors to OmegaPro’s website (6%, down 19% from the previous month).

Most of the people who visit the OmegaPro website come from Colombia (61%). In February 2022, the Colombian government warned about a scam called OmegaPro.

Andreas Szakacs (Sweden), Mike Sims (US), and Dilawar Singh (India) run an MLM trading bot Ponzi scheme called OmegaPro (Germany).

Since starting OmegaPro, all three of its founders have run away to Dubai, which is the world’s MLM crime capital.

In addition to Peru, the Congo Republic (multiple arrests), Spain (two fraud warnings), Mauritius, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, France (twice added to the fraud blacklist), and Belgium have all taken regulatory action against OmegaPro.

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