Envi FX’s website doesn’t have information about who owns the company or who runs it.

The domain name for Envi FX’s website, “enviifx.com,” was first registered in the year 2020. The last change to the private registration was made on July 23, 2022.

Update 3rd August 2022 – One half of the admin team for Envi FX and Automated Capital goes by the name “Kyle.” This is mentioned at the end of this review.

In the comments below, BehindMLM reader David named “Kyle” Kyle Cole, also known as Kyle Raymond Cole and Kyle Raymond:

Cole (on the right) says that $2.1 million has been put into Envi FX and Automated Capital as of July 26. David outed Cole, and within an hour, Cole deleted the above Facebook post.

Cole is a “full-time entrepreneur” in Cincinnati, Ohio, according to his Facebook page.

I can’t say for sure that it’s the same person, but a “Kyle Cole” showed up on BehindMLM in January to learn about the now-defunct Intelligence Prime Capital Ponzi scheme.

Cole calls himself the CEO and Financial Specialist of “Global Ambassadors LLC” on his LinkedIn profile.

No matter what Global Ambassadors LLC was, its website doesn’t work anymore.

Cole is not registered with the SEC, as shown by a search of the Edgar database. In the US, it is against the law to sell or promote securities that have not been registered.

Cole’s partner in crime at Automated Capital has not yet been found.

Update 3rd August 2022 #2 – After doing more research, I think Hendry J. Agus is Kyle Cole’s partner in crime.

This is because Cole and Agus are the only admins of the official Automated Capital Facebook group:

The group was made in March 2022 and has 366 members at the moment.

Automated Capital is a way to manage money based on a percentage (PAMM).

It is a type of pooled money forex trading that uses AI that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to analyze market conditions in depth at any time.

Agus promotes Automated Capital as a “legitimate investment platform” that makes “20 to 30% per month” on his own Facebook page:

Agus stands for the fact that he is from Alberta in Canada. Agus is not registered with the SEC or with financial regulators in Canada, just like Cole.

Agus says that he has been scamming investors since at least “early 2021”:

Agus was promoting CopyProTraders before he started Automated Capital.

CopyProTraders is another MLM scheme that cheats investors out of money. At the time this update was made, the website for CopyProTraders was not responsive.

Before CopyProTraders, Agus promoted a Ponzi scheme called My Freedom 365.

Agus works as a “systems engineer” in addition to scamming people out of money through fake investment schemes. He was also a Primerica salesman in the past./end update

If an MLM company isn’t clear about who owns or runs it, you should always think twice before joining or giving them any money.

The Products of Envi FX
Envi FX doesn’t sell any goods or services.

Affiliates can only promote Envi FX’s affiliate membership.

The pay plan for Envi FX
Affiliates of Envi FX invest in cryptocurrency in the hopes of making money without doing anything.

The way Envi FX makes money looks like forex trading, and affiliates are paid commissions based on the amount of simulated trading volume they bring in.

Envi FX pays commissions via a unilevel compensation structure.

With a unilevel compensation structure, an affiliate is at the top of a unilevel team, and every other affiliate they recruit is right under them (level 1):

If an affiliate on level 1 brings in new affiliates, those new affiliates join the original affiliate’s unilevel team on level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates bring in new affiliates, they move to level 3, and so on until there are no more levels to go down.

Envi FX caps payable unilevel team levels at five.

At each of these five levels, commissions are paid based on the following:

level 1 (affiliates you recruited): $1.50 per lot levels 2–5: $0.75 per lot
Usually, 100,000 units of the base currency being traded make up one lot. It’s not clear how this fits into Envi FX’s simulated trading.

Affiliates of Envi FX with the High Rise and Top Heavy rankings get higher commission rates:

High Rise affiliates earn $2 on level 1, $1 on level 2, 95 cents on level 3, 30 cents on level 4, and 25 cents on level 5.
Affiliates in the top Heavy position get $2.50 on level 1, $1.50 on level 2, and 50 cents on level 3.
Note that there are no qualifications for the High Rise and Top Heavy ranks.

Joining Envi FX
It seems that becoming an Envi FX affiliate is free. There is no minimum amount that must be invested.

Envi FX solicits investment in various cryptocurrencies.

Envi FX Conclusion
Visitors to the Envi FX website are overwhelmed with trading information and options. This is an attempt to make the site look like a real trading broker.

Everyone is only interested in the chance to invest without doing anything, which Envi FX calls Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) accounts.

Your first warning sign about Envi FX is that you don’t know who runs it. This is not how real businesses that want your money work.

The second red flag with Envi FX is that they ask you to invest in cryptocurrency so they can help you trade forex.

Your third red flag is that Envi FX is making false claims about securities.

Affiliates of Envi FX invest crypto with strangers, do nothing, and get a daily return on their investment. Do you recognize it?

Envi FX offers a way to invest without doing anything. This means that it needs to be registered with the people in charge of the money.

Envi FX does not show that it has registered with financial regulators and filed the audited financial reports that are required by law.

In their back office, Envi FX affiliates can see fake trading reports. This is not the same as registering with the government’s financial regulators.

Instead of following the law, Envi FX offers the following fake compliance:

This website is not meant for or aimed at people who live in or are from the USA.

This is not true, as we can see on SimilarWeb:

86% of the traffic to Envi FX’s website comes from the US.

Envi FX is not registered to sell securities in the US, according to the SEC’s Edgar database. They haven’t registered anywhere in the world to sell securities.

Not only is Envi FX committing securities fraud, but anyone who promotes it is also doing so. Promoting securities that haven’t been registered is also against the law everywhere.

Lastly, Envi FX needs to be registered with the CFTC if it gives US residents the chance to trade forex, even if it’s just a simulation.

Envi FX is not registered with the CFTC, as shown by a search of the NFA register. The Commodities and Exchange Act says that this is wrong.

We don’t know who is in charge of Envi FX, but they are running the scam and talking to investors through the “Automated Trading” Telegram group (an MLM company being run through Telegram is another red flag).

Investors were told that Envi FX’s financial fraud “doesn’t matter” in a message sent to the Automated Trading Telegram group in the middle of July.


The founders of Automated Trading are called “Kyle and I” by the person in charge of the scheme.

MLM companies cheat people out of money and break the law because they don’t do what they say they do. This would be forex trading to make money from external ROI with Envi FX.

What does Envi FX do when it’s not trading?

They have a Ponzi scheme going on.

Envi FX uses the new crypto that comes in to pay early investors who want to cash out. This is made to look like trading, with fake reports from the back office and fake lot commissions.

It’s all a show and has nothing to do with Envi FX moving around invested cryptocurrency to pay returns.

As with all MLM Ponzi schemes, Envi FX will stop getting new money once it stops recruiting new people.

This will stop Envi FX from making money from ROI, which will eventually cause it to fail.

The math behind Ponzi schemes makes it clear that most people will lose money when they fail.


5 August 2022 Update – After this article was updated with information about who owns the company, it took less than 24 hours for the Automated Capital Facebook group to be made private.


Change on September 24, 2022 – Both EnviFX and Automated are falling apart. In the last 48 hours, investors’ trading accounts have lost up to 70% of their value.

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