The last time BehindMLM looked at Dubli was in 2019.

Five board members of Ominto’s parent company quit in the middle of 2018 because the company had lost tens of millions of dollars over the years.

A year later, it came out that the SEC had been looking into the company for fraud on the stock market. Ominto put an end to the claims.

Michael Hansen, who started Dubli, stayed on because he wanted to keep the business going.

In the years that followed, when online spending was at an all-time high because of global lockdowns, Dubli fell out of favor.

I heard about the business not long ago, but not as Dubli.

Dubai is now called SaveMate, and today we’re going to give you an update on the MLM opportunity.

When someone goes to Dubli’s website domain, they should be taken to SaveMate’s website automatically. It wasn’t possible to use that feature.

SaveMate’s website doesn’t say anything about Dubli. Nor is Ominto, which is the parent company.

The social links on SaveMate’s website are… a little strange:

The YouTube link for SaveMate goes to Dubli’s channel, which hasn’t been updated in 5 years.
The Instagram link for SaveMate takes you to the “” account. The profile hasn’t been updated in 4 and a half years, and the domain is no longer in use.

SaveMate’s Pinterest link takes you to an Ominto SaveMate profile that hasn’t been updated in a while.
The Twitter link for SaveMate leads to what looks like the personal page of some random person.
And SaveMate’s Facebook page links to a page that doesn’t exist.

SaveMate’s website has a sales pitch if you click on the “About Us” section. SaveMate’s owner is not shown anywhere on the site.

“SaveMate is a registered Trademark of MAD Rewards Ltd.” is written at the bottom of the TravelMate website.

Mad Rewards has its website address, or domain. It looks like a cashback platform with a white label:

With your own MAD REWARDS Cash Back site, you can grow your customer base all over the world.

Other than a business address in Dubai, nothing is known about who owns or runs Mad Rewards.

I don’t know what Dubai has been doing since the securities fraud, but it is the center of MLM crime around the world.

Any MLM company that says it has ties to Dubai is a red flag right away.

After that, there is no more to Mad Rewards. Aside from the link to an old YouTube channel, you wouldn’t know that SaveMate is just Dubli rebranded if you went to their website. And you would have no idea who runs the business.

It doesn’t look good for an MLM company to be a big, faceless company.

I knew that Michael Hansen owned Dubli0 and Ominto, so I used Google to find this Facebook page:

It looks like Ominto is now working as an “Entrepreneur.”

entrepreneur is a global marketing company that has been around since 2003. It gives people from all walks of life the chance to make a living by selling the products and services that people buy online every day.

No matter how you say “Entrepreneur,” it’s not a very good name.

When you go to the E-website, entrepreneur’s you can see that Villads Vest-Hansen is the CEO of the company. The name of the company is also not very easy to type.

Vest-Hansen used to be a part of DuDubaiI know the name is Hansen, but I don’t know if it has anything to do with Michael Hansen.

E-The e-websitetentrepreneur’ss is strange in that it doesn’t say anything about Michael Hansen. If you search for “miMichaelaHansen-ntrepreneur,” however, you’ll find this:

It looks like Entrepreneur just changed their website and took out all references to Hansen. But for some reason, they didn’t take down the old website pages.

Michael Hansen started SaveMate and is one of the leaders of Ominto, Inc. Mr. Hansen is the head of strategy and idea development for both SaveMate and Ominto.

Hansen seems to still be in charge, and Vest-Hansen is still just a puppet CEO.

On E-site, entrepreneur there is nothing about Mad Rewards. I’m still not sure how that works.

Next, I wanted to make sure that both Entrepreneur and SaveMate still had an MLM opportunity. This turned out to be hard.

The TravelMate website doesn’t say anything about MLM. The current website for Entrepreneur only has one paragraph:

Entrepreneurs offer both flexibility and the ability to grow: Independent Business Associates (BAs) make their schedules and work as many hours as they need to reach their financial goals.

BAs make money by telling people about the benefits and ways to save money with the products and services on the SaveMate website for consumers.

Entrepreneur and SaveMate compensation plan details are not available anywhere.

I did some searching to find E-old entrepreneur’s website, which is how I found this:

Applicants must pay US$ 99 for a “Business Package,” which is a license for a business.

From the second year of your membership on, you will be charged $39 (or the equivalent in other currencies) to renew your Business License every year.

As an Entrepreneur Independent Business Associate (“BA”), I know that:

-I have the right to sell products and services from as long as I follow these Terms and Conditions.

-If I’m qualified, I’m allowed to sign people up to be BAs in the Entrepreneur.

-If I meet the requirements, the Entrepreneur Compensation Plan gives me the right to earn commissions.

It sounds like the pyramid scheme that Dubli was running is the same as Entrepreneur.

The way Dubli ran its business cost it tens of millions of dollars. A broken business model can’t be fixed by changing the name of the company over and over.

Nor does hiding who runs the company, the compensation plan, or the fact that Entrepreneur, SaveMate, and Mad Rewards are all part of the same MLM opportunity.

Here are the current statistics from SimilarWeb about Entrepreneur:

The websites for Mad Rewards and Entrepreneur are both dead, and SaveMate switched from Dubli to Google Analytics in May 2022. About 13,000 people visit the site every month. Most of them come from Ghana (28%), Italy (20%), the US (12%), and the UAE (11%).
Most of the hiring for Entrepreneurs happens on Facebook and WhatsApp.

The last thing I’ll say is why Dubli and now SaveMate aren’t good options.

We live in a time when you can get cashback apps for free by just clicking a button. And these apps have been around for at least ten years. They started as browser add-ons.

Then there are “VIP Rewards” from Dubli and SaveMate, which cost $49 a year. There is a limited free cashback option, but why use it when you can get a better deal for free from a competitor?

Honey is the leader in cashback at the moment. SimilarWeb says that more than 150,000 people visit Honey’s website every month.

Over a million people have downloaded Honey’s cash-back app.
Honey’s browser add-on has been downloaded more than ten million times.
As was already said, about 13,000 people visit SaveMate’s website every month. TravelMate doesn’t seem to have an app, and only 158 people have downloaded its browser extension so far:

Even without the current economy in mind, online shopping has exploded around the world in the past few years. How can you screw up so badly?

Dubai wasn’t a good idea. TravelMate isn’t either. Charging for discounts that can be found elsewhere for free makes as little sense now as it did when Dubli started in 2003.

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