Andrew Khovratov, the creator of EvoRich, was jailed in Russia in April.

Soon after, Bob Ultee stepped in to save the Ponzi enterprise.

Throughout April and early May, investors were funneled into Ultee’s bobcoin fraud.

Ultee reportedly slammed his allegedly speeding lambo into the rear of a Peugeot 107 in mid-May.

Anyway, here’s how BOBC is progressing…

In an attempt to keep the EvoRich scam alive, the Ponzi scheme is now peddling “radical makeovers.”

Do you know there is a method to become the master of your own destiny, to take charge of your life, and to make an astounding jump in all of its facets at the same time?

The problem is that most people don’t know how to gain access to this treasure mine of information, and as a result, they don’t enable themselves to live the life they genuinely wish.

EvoRich promises to be offering “that knowledge” through a series of four blocks:


We will examine your life: what you already have, what sort of experience you have, how you live with it and what you want to change, who is in your life and who isn’t but should be.

The first block will open your eyes to the reality of the situation, and in certain situations will force you to remove your rose-colored spectacles.


We will address limiting beliefs. Others usually promise to remove them, however we offer to replace them and show you how to do it.

We will also uncover the limiting mindsets that are preventing you from reaching your objectives.


We shall learn how to collaborate with our higher SELF. We shall become acquainted with our NEW selves.

We shall tap into our full potential, let go of past grudges, and courageously embark on a new stage of our evolution.


It is one of the most effective blockers. We shall create new goals. We will examine our entire transformation process.

We will offer gratitude, let go, and adopt a new way of life to ensure our prosperity in the future.

The marketing concept for EvoRich’s is intriguing…

Have you ever thought about why…

-You’re not having fun in life?

-Do you have self-doubts or feel insecure?

-Do you have no regard for, appreciation for, or belief in yourself?

-Do you live with resentments from the past?

-Do you have strained connections with your family, partners, or children?

-Are you unable to focus on a certain task and achieve your goal?

-Do you lack the energy to perform at your peak and achieve your goals?

-Do you live in continual anxiety and tension about the future?

-You are unable to break beyond your financial barrier?

Except for a few EvoRich investors, there is only one answer to all questions:

“Yes, and I feel this way because I lost all of my money in a Ponzi scam.”

Financially wreck your investors, then use a feel-good rehabilitation program to convince them they haven’t been duped. Brilliant.

For 199 UNT, EvoRich is promoting its “dramatic change.” UNT is an internal shitcoin that EvoRich represents and is tied to the dollar.

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