Sytrex Trade’s website does not include information about the company’s ownership or executives.

On June 15th, 2022, Sytrex Trade’s website domain (“”) was privately registered.

Sytrex Trade publishes incorporation details for “Bitt-X Limited” on its website in an attempt to look official.

Bitt-X Limited was established in the United Kingdom in 2018. In July 2018, the shell corporation was dissolved.

Regardless of whether Bitt-X Limited has anything to do with Sytrex Trade, an MLM firm based in or claiming to be based in the United Kingdom is a red flag.

In the United Kingdom, incorporation is dirt cheap and virtually uncontrolled. Furthermore, the FCA, the United Kingdom’s leading financial regulator, does not actively regulate MLM-related securities fraud.

As a result, the United Kingdom is a popular destination for fraudsters wishing to incorporate, run, and market bogus businesses.

Incorporation in the UK or registration with the FCA are irrelevant for MLM due diligence.

Despite the fact that it has only been in operation for a little over two months, Sytrex Trade fraudulently states on its website that it was “established in 2015.”

There is an embedded plugin chart on Sytrex’s site that uses data from “” When we right-click on the chart, we can see that the default plugin language is Russian:

This clearly implies that whomever is behind Sytrex Trade has connections to and/or is from Russia.

As always, if an MLM firm is not honest about who runs or controls it, consider twice before joining and/or turning over any money.

Products by Sytrex Trade
Sytrex Trade does not provide any retailable items or services.

Affiliates can only promote Sytrex Trade affiliate membership.

Compensation Plan for Sytrex Trade
Sytrex Trade associates invest money with the promise of high returns:

Starter Plan: Invest $50 to $1000 and gain a 125% return after 7 days.
Basic Plan: Invest $1,000 to $10,000 and gain a 150% return within 7 days.
Pro Plan: Invest $10,000 to $25,000 and get 75% back in 7 days.
Executive Plan: Invest $25,001 or more and earn a 200% return in 7 days.
Sytrex gives referral commissions on invested monies at two recruiting levels (unilevel):

6% for level 1 (personally recruited affiliates).
level 2 – 10%
Getting Involved with Sytrex Trade
Membership in Sytrex Trade is free.

A $50 commitment is required to fully participate in the associated income opportunity.

Sytrex Trade accepts investments in USD, Perfect Money, and numerous cryptocurrencies.

Conclusion of the Sytrex Trade
Sytrex Trade claims to gain external money through FX trading.

Using a unique stock market technique, our professionals are guaranteed to provide profit to all of our partners, so you do not need to be concerned about the safety of their assets, despite the potential amount of risk associated with this form of investment.

There is no indication of trading on Sytrex Trade. It also does not offer evidence of any foreign revenue being utilized to pay withdrawal demands.

Furthermore, the business model of Sytrex Trade fails the Ponzi logic test.

Anyone who can generate a 200% ROI every 7 days isn’t going to give you access for free. They are not granting you access at any cost.

Someone who can really generate 200% per week would invest, reinvest, and quickly become the richest person on the globe.

As of now, new investment is the sole verified source of revenue entering Sytrex Trade.

Sytrex Trade is a Ponzi scam since it uses fresh investments to pay ROI withdrawals.

As with other MLM Ponzi schemes, once affiliate recruiting is exhausted, fresh investment will dry up.

This will deprive Sytrex Trade of ROI revenue, causing the company to fail.

Ponzi schemes’ logic ensures that when they fail, the vast majority of participants lose money.

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