Today, we will provide first-hand confirmed evidence from a user of the scam company Liberi dal Lavoro and its creator Paolo Luini, who has decided to share his story to warn other potential victims:

I joined Liberi dal Lavoro since a friend was a member, but everything sounded shady from the start.
1. They marketed themselves as an ONG, however, all courses are paid and substantially more expensive than competitors.

2. You should only listen to the guru “Paolo Luini,” since he is the only one in Italy who provides this critical information.
“Liberi dal Lavoro” was written by Paolo Luini. However, all payments must be done using a rechargeable debit card (postpay) in the wife’s name, and no invoices will be issued for your transactions.
Another thing to keep in mind is that these folks live in Tenerife but work for an Italian company, which is awful.
3. If you join these networks, you will be inundated with great comments and individuals complementing one another for no apparent reason throughout the day. Nobody ever expresses displeasure, complains about bad service, or claims to have lost money.
4. You will be swamped with posts and videos on the group. All of the videos are evocative of the financial independence guru Paolo Luini, who speaks while seated on a plastic chair. He’ll also inform you about a freshly published course that you can buy, but only if you act soon.

I have yet to see a video in which a student from one of these colleges explains how he was able to leave his job in two years.
I’ve never bought into their nonsense, partially because I’m naïve, and partly because their language is so artificial and contrived that it sends off an alert in my head.
Visit their website or join one of their Facebook groups to learn more. It’s all so phony and contrived that it’s neither convincing nor professional; in fact, it’s grating.
Nobody and I means nobody, ever posted in the group of hundreds of people that he had finally freed himself from work after two years.

It’s a scam, but I’m still following them out of curiosity and because of my friend. He’d started with their teachings, and I was curious how someone I know and trust would respond.
His journey has begun splendidly, with the purchase of safe bonuses, the only service that works and will persuade you that everything promised to be free of effort is gold.
This is essentially matched betting, which is more exact than services like Ninjabet.
Do you want to get all of the bonuses? To acquire three unique courses, expect to pay three times or more than Ninjabet or any competitor.
If you unlocked all of the bonuses, you could have earned some money, but more than half of them cover the cost of the courses.
The enchantment will cease after the benefits have ended. With these early little earnings, they will have piqued your attention and convinced you that the notion is viable.
You are now ready to invest your whole budget in courses that may cost you money.
You may, however, choose how to waste your money; there are already hundreds of courses available to spend your money on, ranging from football to volleyball to forex…
My friend has chosen this path, as have hundreds of other members of the organization, but the consequences of Liberi dal Lavoro are far from over.
My friend was booted out of the organization and lost access to all of the courses he had paid for when he questioned certain of their services, causing him repeated losses.
He was deleted from the Facebook group and all of his interactions to avoid waking up the other unfortunate investors who still believe in magic.
Despite my dislike for them, I continue in the group to have some fun, but I feel terrible for everyone else who is still being deceived.
I couldn’t post these things in their group for fear of being banned along with my messages, so I decided to share my story with anybody who may be interested in trying their “opportunity.”

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