CKB168 was a $200 million MLM pyramid scam in the United States that targeted Asian Americans. The bulk of CKB168 victims was located in China.

CKB168 was closed down by the SEC in 2013. Sixteen CKB168 executives and key promoters were sued in all.

In 2015, the DOJ also brought parallel criminal accusations.

Several CKB168 defendants have resolved the fraud allegations throughout the years.

The SEC has now obtained a final judgment against the remaining non-settling defendants, nine years later.

Over the years, BehindMLM has kept a loose tab on the CKB168 proceedings. We did not conduct a formal examination of CKB168, which I assume was because it mostly targeted Chinese-speaking victims.

BehindMLM was aware of three CKB168 settlements as of January 2022: Cheongwha “Heywood” Chang and Toni Tong Chen for a total of $2,101,949.81, and Heidi Mao for $784,729.

Here is a list of the remaining settlements, including recent final judgments, as published by the SEC in a news release on August 12th;

CKB, WIN, CKB168, Biz Solution, and Cyber Kids are up for $178,749,545 in total, along with CKB executives Hung Wai “Howard” Shern and Rui Ling “Florence” Leung.Shern and Leung face extra fines of $13.7 million apiece.Daliang “David” Guo and Rosanna LS Inc. are jointly liable for $5.1 million; Yao Lin and Ouni International Trading Inc. are jointly liable for $2.35 million; Lin is also liable for $1.89 million in penalties; Joan Congyi “JC” Ma is liable for $1.95 million, and Rayla Melchor Santos is liable for $1.04 million.Parallel criminal prosecutions under CKB168;

Daliang “David” Guo was sentenced to 144 months in prison in June 2019, Wen Chen “Wendy” Lee to 21 months in prison, Chih Hsuan “Kiki” Lin to 37 months in prison, Cheong Wha “Heywood” Chang to 12 months in prison in 2016, and Toni Tong Chen (Chang’s wife) to 20 months in prison in 2016.
Except for Guo, all of the CKB168 criminal defendants pleaded guilty. In 2018, a federal jury convicted Guo guilty.

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