Awakend has opened its prelaunch to the public now that members of its secret Facebook group have been prioritized over everyone else.

Awakend aims to be the first product-based MLM firm to employ an NFT gimmick.

While additional goods are in the works, Awakend’s main product is a fat burner supplement that was initially offered over a decade ago.

Danelle Meoli and Chip Macgill are in charge of Awakend’s marketing initiatives.

Other Awakend co-founders exist, although they have yet to appear on corporate webinars, at least in public.

For comparison, the eight administrators of Awakend’s business Facebook community are

Teodosio, David R.
Forston, John III
Meoli, Danielle
Jackson, Emily Basham
Smith, Kelly Duncan
Headlee, Ashlee James \sJodi Brian Meara and Gordon Hoogenhoff
I’m not claiming they’re all co-founders, but I’m guessing Awakend’s other co-founders are on that list.

Exp Realty is the unifying link connecting Awakend corporation and its co-founders. Meoli claims she quit the firm due to “burning out.”

Aside from Exp Realty, Meoli, Macgill, and likely the other Awakend co-founders have a lengthy background in MLM.

NewULife included Meoli, Macgill, John Forston, Emily Jackson, Ashlee James, Jodi Hoogenhoff, and Brian Meara. So there appears to be some downline continuance over time.

Awakend is made up of three parts: AwakendHealth, AwakendSelf, and AwakendWealth.

The name AwakendHealth refers to the company’s nutritional supplements.

Zenith, a leptin weight loss pill, is Awakend’s main launch product.

According to Awakend’s marketing, overweight persons have leptin resistance.

Leptin resistance undermines all dieting attempts by leading you to feel hungry and eat more despite the fact that your body has adequate fat storage.

This sets up a vicious circle.

To counteract this, you might take a leptin supplement like Zenith. As a result, you feel full and lose weight.

I’m not going to claim to be an expert in this sector, but I done some research.

In terms of MLM, the Supplement Police published a fascinating report on Evolv Health’s leptin product.

Doctors contend that ingesting leptin orally has no effect on obesity and weight gain. This is because, according to Dr. Robert H. Lustig, a pediatrics professor at the University of California,:

Leptin is a kind of protein. It is totally digested in the digestive tract since it is a protein. As a result, consuming it orally is probably a waste of time because the protein will be broken down.

It does not enter the circulation after being broken down in the digestive system. This implies that it does not reach the brain and so has no effect when taken orally.

According to the doctor, most of the advertised leptin pills do not contain leptin since they know it will not enter the bloodstream.

Instead, they include chemicals that have been studied and shown to promote a sense of fullness. As a result, the Reboot product may be nothing more than deceptive advertising.

The Cleveland Clinic provided this information.

How can I boost my leptin levels?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to increase leptin levels to reduce hunger and appetite because leptin levels are directly tied to the amount of adipose tissue in your body.

Because leptin is a hormone produced by your body rather than a foodstuff (such as vitamin C or protein), no foods contain it.

Because leptin is a novel discovery, scientists are continually learning more about it, including how it influences obesity and weight reduction.

And here’s something from Healthline:

Is it possible to reverse leptin resistance?

Looking in the mirror is the greatest method to determine if you are leptin resistant.

If you have a lot of body fat, particularly around your stomach, you are nearly probably leptin resistant.

Though hypotheses abound, it is unclear how leptin resistance might be reversed.

Some researchers suggest that lowering dietary inflammation may aid in the reversal of leptin resistance. Focusing on a healthy lifestyle in general is also likely to be a beneficial method.

Although there is no quick fix for leptin resistance, you may adopt long-term lifestyle adjustments that may improve your quality of life.

22nd September 2022 – Update To address some of my own misconceptions about leptin that readers have raised in the comments, Zenith does not contain leptin.

Rather, the components in Zenith are designed to lower leptin levels. It is thought that lowering leptin levels correlates with hunger reduction.

Awakend is not name the product Zenith is rebranding, but they do disclose that it was previously offered by another MLM organization.

They had obtained the stuff and were doing well. They stopped ordering from the factory, er, formulator, and decided to create their own; reverse engineer it. And they were hit with a lawsuit.

This litigation dragged on for fourteen years. It had just finished, and we were competing with another network marketing business for it (the product).

And because one of our company’s other founders was friends with the forumulator, he was able to negotiate the contract. We own the worldwide rights to this fantastic product.

Zenith is a rebranding of MaxWLX by Max International.

Tripharma LLC sued Max International in February 2010. The action was delayed by Max International for arbitration, which began in September 2010.

The case was complicated, spanning several connected cases against other individuals. The docket for Tripharma’s Max International dispute concludes with the matter continuing in arbitration as of January 2015, followed by nothing until a trademark filing in February 2020.

I’m not seeing a clear conclusion or final order from the court. Given Tripharma’s apparent progress with Awakend, I’d guess a settlement with Max International was finally struck. This might potentially be a judicial decision that isn’t published in the case docket for any reason.

In any case, that’s the backstory behind Awakend’s Zenith.

Is it a terrible idea to rename a supplement from a decade ago?

No way if it works.

MaxWLX dietary supplement information may be seen to the right.

The same has not been made public for Zenith, although one would think it is the same or comparable.

Dr. Robert H. Lustig’s comment above strikes out to me;

Leptin is a kind of protein. It is totally digested in the digestive tract since it is a protein. As a result, consuming it orally is probably a waste of time because the protein will be broken down.

MaxWLX and Zenith may operate as appetite suppressants, but not due to leptin.

In any case, leptin supplements, as well as appetite suppressants, are widely accessible. I’m still not sure what distinguishes Zenith from other options.

Retail price has not been disclosed, although Chip Macgill revealed on a recent company webinar that distributors will pay $135 per month for autoship.

Awakend Self is an MLM opportunity’s personal development component.

shows you how to rewire your brain and create the extraordinary life you are more than capable of planning and living

Brain rewiring, eh? One may argue that Awakend Mind aims to cleanse people’s minds in order to make them more compatible with the MLM opportunity.

Awakend Self also offers a free fitness platform called AwakendBody:

Despite the fact that they constantly assuring users it’s fine if they don’t understand it, Awakend’s other marketing appeal is its NFTs.

This is a component of the MLM opportunity Awakend Wealth.

Let us begin with the cartoon elephant JPG in the room: While MLM and cryptocurrencies are both associated with securities fraud, I haven’t seen anything in Awakend’s NFT offering that I would classify as securities fraud.

But it doesn’t mean it’s not a meaningless scumbag cash grab.

Danelle Meoli introduces Awakend’s NFT service;

Whomever creates a network marketing and direct sales firm and combines web 3 technologies, NFTs… whoever does it first, it will become viral. It’s going to shake up the industry.

Our backoffice is the first in the history of direct sales to have all of the technology in one place. It took months, but it is finally ours. If you like, we may accept cryptocurrency. If we wish, we can sell NFTs.

Other businesses will take this notion and run with it. You are working for a corporation that is actually, well, historic.

After hearing Awakend’s NFT pitch, I’m left wondering, “why?” What is the point of having this? We’ll get to it in a minute, but first I’d want to catch you up.

This is from Meoli once more;

You don’t need to understand what an NFT is. We don’t need to know about the metaverse since we aren’t that corporation.

Every time we enter a new country, we’ll have a fresh collection of 22,222 of these incredible works of art.

They’re electronic. They will appear in your backoffice. At a conference, you’ll be allowed to wear it on a shirt. You’ll get merchandise with your artwork on it. You may share it with the globe and let everyone know you have one.

But what it truly is is a digital badge, sometimes known as a digital pass.

So, just like any other MLM company’s normal distributorship? I mean, there’s nothing stopping you from putting your favorite JPG into a t-shirt and wearing it around.

You may even right-click someone else’s NFT and have it printed, however this would be copyright violation (provided the NFT artwork isn’t stolen, which is common).

You may also inform folks “all over the world” that you are an Awakend distributor… without using the NFT.

So, once again, why is this a thing?

Awakend sells NFTs in three tiers of Founder’s Packs (click to enlarge):

According to my understanding, the NFTs for the $1295, $2495, and $3495 levels are the same. It is also worth noting that Awakend’s NFTs cannot be traded on the open market; they are restricted to the corporation.

They may be sold to another person inside Awakend, just like any other distributorship.

So, once again, why is this a thing?

That question takes us to Awakend’s shady side, which is fully limited inside their crypto integration (which should come as no surprise).

Awakend expects to sell 22,222 NFTs. This results in an immediate cashflow range of $28.7 million to $77.6 million. Because Thrive items are combined with Founder’s Packs, we can take a small discount – but we’re still talking tens of millions of dollars in profit.

Awakend might just as easily abandon the NFTs and raise the prices of their Founder’s Packs, but did you hear? wEb3 Is DoInG eVeRYThInG!

If gaining tens of millions of dollars from the selling of cartoon jpgs wasn’t bad enough, the main advantage of owning an Awakend founder NFT is “first access to future NFT launches.”

That’s correct, the tens of millions of dollars Awakend intends to generate during its prelaunch are solely for North America and Canada. With a fresh set of NFTs, the business hopes to monetise each country into which it expands.

And by paying thousands now, Awakend’s founding distributors get the right to spend additional money for more NFTs in each country where Awakend expands.

You are a distributor whether you join up as a founder or subsequently as a regular distributor. So, why should you buy anything when Awakend expands to a new country?

Hundreds of millions of dollars in immediate corporation profit. That is the reason.

And, given the nature of NFTs, Awakend is likely to receive a portion of each sale once an internal marketplace is established and distributors may put their NFTs for sale.

Why operate a traditional MLM firm when you can milk your distributors when they sign up, when a new nation is opened, and when your distributors sell their position?

Anything Awakend is offering distributors through NFTs already exists in non-crypto MLM organizations, if that wasn’t evident. The NFT part of the company is a money grab, as is every corporate NFT service.

Rather of admitting it, Chip Macgill continues on denying it.

Whatever you put into these founder packets will provide an exponential return across your firm.

Even if this is all new to you and you’ve never heard of NFTs or crypto before, the most important thing to remember is that they were a craze that lasted from late 2020 to early 2021.

You lost out on the scam if you didn’t produce NFTs and sell them to naive investors during that brief six-month timeframe. You’re drinking the dying dregs of a poisonous cash grab cocktail if you’re only getting into NFTs in mid-2022.

Whatever other ideas Awakend has for cryptocurrencies outside of MLM, nothing good will come of it for distributors.

The final point I’d want to make is that Founder’s Packs come with rank advancement:

The Essential Founder’s Pack costs $1295 and includes one year of Sapphire rank commission rates; the Premier Founder’s Pack costs $2495 and includes three years of Ruby rank commission rates; and the Elite Founder’s Pack costs $3495 and includes five years of Diamond rank commission rates.
Although Awakend’s compensation plan has not yet been made public, “pay to play” in MLM is one of the distinguishing features of a pyramid scam.

Awakend also tracks and pays commissions on Founder’s Pack recruiting, which is hidden behind a $50 barrier.

Awakend intends to sell 22,222 Founder’s Pack NFTs by October. Prelaunch distributors must pay $50 now to reserve a Founder’s Pack position, with the rest payable in October.

Awakend is also not allowing distributors to join up for lower-cost choices until all 22,222 Founder’s Pack NFTs have been sold.

Customer orders are also scheduled to be available in October (yes, Awakend’s six-week pre-launch is all about recruiting and hawking NFTs).

BehindMLM will post a comprehensive Awakend evaluation whenever compensation information are released.

1st September 2022 – Update Because of the uncertainty surrounding Awakend’s assertions that Zenith is an exclusively licensed recipe, formulator Vietal Nutrition issued a statement.

Unfortunately, this has simply generated additional suspicions about Zenith’s exclusivity.

TriPharma (dba Vietal Nutrition) has achieved the appointment of a Receiver as of September 14, 2022.

The Receiver will be assigned to the First Fruits Business Ministry (FFBM). The funds generated will be used to pay TriPharma’s 2013 judgment against FFBM.

The legality of Zenith’s exclusivity is also linked to the outcome of TriPharma’s appeal against FFBM in October 2013. (discussed in further detail in the update link above).

5th October 2022 – Update Although Awakend is currently in pre-launch, BehindMLM has produced a (nearly) comprehensive evaluation.

Despite allegedly “record-breaking sales,” Zenith’s retail pricing has yet to be made public.

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