GSPartners has dropped its harassment claim against Chris Saunders.

Saunders owns and runs the YouTube channel Grit Grind Gold, where he reports on and criticizes the GSPartners Ponzi fraud.

Owner Josip Heit, as well as promoters Michael Dalcoe and Antonio (Tony) Euclides Menesis De Gouveia, took notice and launched a harassment action against Saunders in late 2021.

Sunders’ releasing films on the Ponzi scam, according to Heit and the GSPartners Plaintiffs, constituted slander.

Heit was also offended when Saunders mentioned his involvement in Karatbars International’s failing KBC Ponzi scheme.

GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG, Josip Heit, Michael Dalcoe, and Tony De Gouveia submitted a stipulation of dismissal on July 29th.

Defendant Christopher Saunders executed a statement in connection with the aforementioned case on July 29, 2022.

Plaintiffs GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG, Josip Heit, Antonio Euclides Menesis De Gouveia, and Michael Dalcoe, by counsel and with the signature and agreement of counsel for Defendant Christopher Saunders, hereby stipulate to the dismissal without prejudice of all claims in this matter, pursuant to the Saunders’ Declaration.

The aforementioned requirement from Saunders demonstrates he got

Mr. Ovidu Toma received $5,000 in bitcoin in connection with making the Statements and Allegations against Plaintiffs.

Mr. Ovidu Toma has been providing me with papers and materials (that) substantiate Mr. Harald Seiz’s participation in Karatbars’ alleged crime since January 2020.

“Ovidu Toma” refers to Ovidiu Toma, the former Chief Technology Officer of Karatbars International.

Toma is the CEO of CryptoData today. CryptoData is a Romanian company that supplies crypto bro hardware.

Returning to Saunders’ assertion;

I was aware, based on first-hand knowledge and documents, that any alleged wrongdoing committed by Karatbars in connection with its Miami crypto bank and the issuance of KBC/KBC tokens was committed by Karatbars’ CEO, Mr. Harald Seiz, and that said wrongdoing occurred prior to any affiliation between Karatbars and GSB/Mr. Heit.

This is an odd concession to make. Heit was the face of Karatbars’ initial attempt into cryptocurrency securities fraud.

Seiz is identified as a “major investor and Board Member” of Karatbars International in an April 2019 interview.

Karatbars was promoting a “blockchain phone” in Dubai at the time.

When challenged about his remarks during the occasion, he said, and I quote,

You mentioned the KBC ugh coin. You mentioned that it may be 1 kilogram of gold. Is this even possible?

Heit replied;

Of course it is feasible. Nobody thinks, and many people identify us at the proper moment and place, and they can join us.

We had a market value of around $300 million dollars last week, or before two weeks. And we now have about one billion.

And it is yet not achieved mainnet. And when the mainnet is completed, which will be in a few months, we will have a market value of more over $200 billion.

Following the July 4th 2019 hype event, the KBC Ponzi coin dropped 62% after months of Heit and Seiz pushing up Karatbars’ KBC.

Josip Heit, not Harald Seiz, was dispatched to confront irate investors and explain the collapse.

KBC continued to dump over the next few months until being abandoned. By the end of 2019, Heit had cashed out, departed Karatbars, and started his own Ponzi scheme, GSPartners.

GSPartners’ Ponzi coins have performed similarly to KBC. G999 is being supported by wash trade, which I believe is gradually depleting GSPartners’ other Ponzi currency, LYS.

G999 is now being being transacted for about $0.002413. LYS is still draining at $66.78.

GEUR was launched earlier this month in response to the persistent failure of G999 and LYS to take off.

GEUR is tied to the euro, as represented by GSPartners and Heit. GEUR is thought to have been developed because GSPartners investors did not want to be left owning G999 and LYS any longer.

GEUR does not exist outside of GSPartners at the time of writing. GEUR is being used by GSPartners to support its newest 300% ROI Ponzi reboot, metaverse certificates.

A settlement was negotiated between GSPartners and Saunders, but it was not made public.

Saunders has not retracted any of his previous GSPartners-related assertions, except from wrongly claiming Heit was not engaged in the Karatbars KBC fraud.

On August 2nd, the court authorized the GSPartners Plaintiff’s Stipulation of Dismissal. This concludes GSPartner’s harassment action against Saunders.

4th September 2022 – Update All of Grit Grind Gold’s social media pages have been turned private, which looks to be part of a settlement.

Furthermore, all videos on the Grit Grind Gold YouTube channel have been tagged as private.

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