GreenChoyce’s Ponzi scam has fallen once more.

Former Crowd1 Ponzi schemers have relaunched as Eco and Greenchoyce, this time targeting the Philippines.

GreenChoyce looks to have gone bankrupt in November 2021.

On April 2nd, 2022, Eco and Greenchoyce’s website domain, “,” was privately registered.

The official Facebook page for Eco and Greenchoyce was built on April 10th, signaling the start of the revival later that month.

After a failed attempt at re-scamming Vietnamese Crowd1 victims…

…Eco and Greenchoyce is currently focusing on the Philippines.

Take note of the video’s June 2022 release date and the assertion that it is “just now launching in Asia.” The clip was shot in March:

Renze Deelstra (below) is the face of Eco and Greenchoyce, however he isn’t listed anywhere on the company’s website.

Deelstra is a serial Ponzi scam promoter. Deelstra recently rose to prominence as a high earner in the Crowd1 Ponzi scheme.

Deelstra’s contract with Crowd1 was ended in early 2021. As a result, he and several of his Crowd1 downline decided to start NewChoyce.

Deelstra escaped to the Philippines from the Netherlands. This is most likely the motivation behind the new makeover aimed towards the country.

Deelstra and his Crowd1 downline attempted to launch their own “Choyce tokens” Ponzi scheme with NewChoyce.

After a few months, NewChoyce went bankrupt and was relaunched as GreenChoyce in August 2021.

Greenchoyce lasted around four or five months before being replaced by Eco and Greenchoyce.

While the eventual aim has always been the Choyce token Ponzi scam, Eco and Greenchoyce’s website makes no mention of tokens.

Eco & Greenchoyce is now operating as a pyramid scheme.

Affiliates of Eco and GreenChoyce pay $50, $499, or $999 to join the firm. MLM commissions are earned by recruiting new affiliates.

To conceal your pyramid plan,

Green Light – LED light bulbs Car Pill – a gasoline tab that was the pretense behind the initial NewChoyce token Ponzi
Green Vizion Travel is a budget travel booking platform, and Skin Care is a brand of white labeled personal care items created by who knows who and supplied from who knows where.
The Philippines SEC is one possible motive for concealing the Choyce token system. They are a somewhat active non-US securities regulator.

Assuming the Choyce token has not been fully abandoned (sorry for your loss, Vietnam), the idea appears to be to build up the pyramid side of the company before reintroducing the token system.

Ultimately, whether Eco and Greenchoyce remains a pyramid scam or reintroduces Ponzi coins, math ensures that the vast majority of participants will lose money.

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