EvoRich investors were directed into Bob Ultee’s BobCoin fraud a few months ago.

Here’s how things stand as of September 2022:

Now, EvoRich investors are being directed to FNT, a new shitcoin scam managed by unknown individuals.

FNT isn’t that interesting. EvoRich fraudsters who made money by flocking their victims into BOBC are back:

Three of the four “we’re going to be the next…” coins used to sell FNT have, ironically, resulted in widespread losses.

CRO is linked to the bankrupt Crypto.com firm and currently trades for 11 cents.
LUNA was a Ponzi scheme that collapsed in May; it was rebooted and immediately collapsed from a made-up $14 value to $2 CEL is attached to a Ponzi scheme that collapsed in June; investors have been unable to withdraw because NEXO has not yet collapsed but is attached to a Ponzi scheme offering “daily compounding interest.”

Following that, EvoRich shareholders are being asked to convert their worthless UNT tokens (one of the many shit tokens attached to EvoRich).

According to the previously mentioned marketing, FNT is being promoted for one reason: to allow EvoRich bagholders to pay out money that doesn’t exist.

FNT is expected to run from the domain “fntworld.io,” which is a freshly registered website domain that has yet to be set up.

On September 1st, the FNTWorld domain was privately registered. Scammers at the top of the surviving EvoRich dungheap undoubtedly know who’s behind it, but they’re not openly disclosing it.

I wouldn’t be shocked if FNT was an inside job after the BOBC debacle.

EvoRich went bankrupt after its creator, Andrey Khovratov (right), was apprehended while attempting to depart Russia earlier this year.

Khovratov, I assume, is still in detention, although there have been no more developments since.

Traffic to Evo Rich’s website has dropped below trackable levels, indicating that the bulk of investors have accepted their loss.

Update, September 10, 2022 – “Valentin Sokolonikov” on Telegram is coordinating the funneling of EvoRich investors into FNT.

Sokolonikov is the proprietor of the “FNT Official” organization:

Sokolnikov appears to be a Russian native who currently resides in Switzerland.

Sokolnikov describes himself on LinkedIn as the CEO of Global Unit Pay:

EvoRich’s in-house payment processor is Global Unit Pay.

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