In Italy, GIG-OS and its marketing arm Global Success Management have been outlawed.

According to a CONSOB notification on September 6th, GIG-OS and GSM have broken Italian financial legislation.

GIG-OS is the third incarnation of EmGoldex, a gold-themed Ponzi scheme allegedly conducted by Russian con artists.

As far as I can determine, Global Success Management is simply another name for GIG-OS:

CONSOB also mentioned the shell businesses Be Free Ltd, Imperial System Ltd EOOD, and Ivory Dunes Limited.

CONSOB appears to have discovered GIG-OS’ latest trick, NFT grifting, after conducting an internal probe.

NOTICE: In addition to the ” Equity Convertible Notes “, the ” Packages ” provide for the assignment to the investor of tokens to be placed on ” boards ” in order to achieve incremental remuneration and the free allocation of a predetermined number of “NFTs of the Meta collection Aristippus ” from the ” Guaranteed passive income “.

As part of the “Fractal Stock Program” in question, incentive systems are also planned to increase users’ “passive income.”

EmGoldex and GIG-OS were basic gold Ponzi scams in the past. They appear to have since joined on the crypto scam bandwagon.

CONSOB advises that GIG-OS and Global Success Management are neither registered with CONSOB nor exempt from Italian securities rules.

On June 15th, CONSOB began a 90-day ban of access to the GIG-OS and Global Success Management websites. GIG-OS and Global Success Management were invited to defend themselves throughout this time.

Neither business did, causing CONSOB on September 6th to impose the suspension a permanent statewide ban.

Whatever GIG-OS recruitment was taking place in Italy appears to have ended.

According to SimilarWeb, the primary sources of traffic to GIG-OS’ website are Argentina (83%), Mexico (6%), and Uzbekistan (3%). The website of Global Success Management receives very little traffic.

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