Hapi Travel is a subsidiary of The Happy Company.

Hapi Travel was initially evaluated by BehindMLM in January. We were originally perplexed by Hapi Travel’s compensation structure, only to discover that it was similar to The Happy Co’s.

Because the firm had a variety of items, this sounded complicated (nutritional supplements versus travel memberships).

We were correct, and Hapi Travel was spun out with its compensation plan in or around July.

Today, we’re looking at Hapi Travel as a standalone MLM opportunity.

Hapi Corporate Travel
Hapi Travel’s website still does not provide company information.

This was a compliance issue discovered by BehindMLM in January that has yet to be fixed.

I proceeded to the parent company’s website, The Happy Co, and found no corporate information there either.

This was initially highlighted as an issue by BehindMLM in April 2021.

The decision to conceal corporate ownership and leadership information from customers reflects poorly on The Happy Co’s and Hapi Travel’s management.

As far as we know, founder Fai Chan, alias Chan Heng Fai, still owns The Happy Co.

Garrett McGrath was the CEO of both The Happy Co. and Hapi Travel in January. McGrath appears to have resigned sometime around January 2022, despite having only been appointed to the position in late 2021.

A September 1st press statement announcing the opening of Hapi Travel in the US makes no mention of McGrath (Hapi Travel opened in the US last year, so I’m not sure what this marketing foolishness is about).

The following executives are named in the news release:

Sharing Services Global Corporation’s CEO is John Thatch (parent company)
Hapi Travel Vice President Dave Dove and Hapi Travel Operations Director Dave Price
It is unknown whether Thatch is also the CEO of Hapi Travel.

11th September 2022 – Update Hapi Travels distributor Jeremy Jenkins verified John Thatch’s appointment as temporary CEO in the comments section below.

Thatch will most likely maintain this role till a new Hapi Travel CEO is recruited. It’s unclear when or why McGrath departed. /finish updating

The Products of Hapi Travel
Hapi Travel sells a $50-per-month Explorer membership.

Explorer membership entitles you to a reduced travel and entertainment booking gateway, savings applications, gift cards, and telemedicine services.

Members of HAPI Travel save money on anything from professional sporting events and concerts to movie tickets, Disney and other theme park entrances, Broadway and Las Vegas performances, local and regional attractions, and much more!

Shopping Boss is another money-saving software.

SwiftMD offers telemedicine services.

SwiftMD is a pioneer in the upgrading of normal medical treatment for patients while also lowering customer expenses.

There is no lengthy paperwork or online surveys to complete, and our average callback time to connect with a doctor is 7 minutes.

SwiftMD is a third-party firm with no direct corporate links to Hapi Travel, as far as I know.

Elite+, Share Pack, and Share & Stay Pack is among the Hapi Travel “add-ons.”

Elite+ costs $2500 upfront, followed by $244 per year.

Increase the value of your membership with ELITE PLUS.

Get access to hundreds of extra holiday alternatives and great savings on resorts in over 80 countries worldwide.

A Share Pack costs $250, while a Share & Stay Pack costs $500. There is no information supplied about these add-ons.

The Compensation Plan of Hapi Travel
The Explorer membership sales to retail consumers and recruited affiliates are rewarded under Hapi Travel’s incentive structure.

Commission Direct
Affiliates of Hapi Travel receive a 15% commission on Explorer memberships sold to retail consumers and recruited affiliates.

Recurring Commissions
Hapi Travel distributes residual commissions from Explorer Memberships through 10 bonus pools.

Each bonus pool is referred to as a “club,” and it is comprised of 3% of the company’s total membership income.

The following conditions must be satisfied to qualify for each club:

Club 1: sell and maintain three Explorer memberships, as well as produce and manage five business memberships. Explorer subscriptions
Club 2 – sell and maintain six Explorer memberships, as well as produce and manage fifteen business Explorer subscriptions.
Club 3 – sell and maintain 10 Explorer memberships, as well as produce and manage 80 business memberships. Explorer subscriptions
Club 4 – sell and maintain 15 Explorer memberships, as well as produce and manage 250 business memberships. Explorer subscriptions
Club 5 – sell and keep 20 Explorer memberships while also generating and maintaining 500 corporate leads. Explorer subscriptions
Club 6 – sell and manage 30 Explorer memberships while also generating and maintaining 1000 corporate leads. Explorer subscriptions
Club 7 – sell and keep 40 Explorer memberships, produce and keep 1200 total downline and 2500 corporate members. Explorer subscriptions
Club 8 – sell and keep 50 Explorer memberships, produce and keep 3000 total downline and 5000 business members. Explorer subscriptions
Club 9 – sell and keep 60 Explorer memberships, produce and keep 8,000 total downline and 10,000 business members. Explorer subscriptions
Club 10 – sell and keep 100 Explorer memberships, produce and keep 20,000 total downline and 25,000 corporate members. Explorer subscriptions
Clubs are eligible consecutively and gain points as long as qualifying conditions are met.

It is important to note that a Hapi Travel affiliate’s travel membership contributes toward its membership limit.

Total downline memberships are travel memberships sold by anyone in the downline of a Hapi Travel affiliate (directly and indirectly recruited affiliates).

Firm memberships are any memberships sold by Hapi Travel that are monitored after you join the company.

Only active Explorer memberships are eligible for residual commissions.

The Bonus Club
The Bonus Club is supported by an additional 3% of Hapi Travel Explorer membership sales.

New Hapi Travel affiliates must qualify for Club 2 within 30 days of signing up to be eligible for the Bonus Club.

Affiliates who have qualified for the Bonus Club will continue to get it every month as long as their Club 2 qualification is maintained.

Refer to “Residual Commissions” above for Club 2 qualification criteria.

Participating in Hapi Travel
Hapi Travel affiliate membership is $25 per year.

Conclusion of Hapi Travel
Hapi Travel is a more condensed version of what was accessible in January 2022.

We don’t know who runs the firm, there’s just one membership choice, and The Happy Co’s “this doesn’t fit” compensation plan is no longer available.

Hapi Travel’s membership, which formerly cost $59 per month, has been reduced to $50 per month. The formerly less expensive $29 monthly option is likewise no longer available.

As far as I can see, the offering is essentially the same, maybe except for Koiyn Cash Back.

The lack of a necessity for retail Explorer membership sales is the weakest link in Hapi Travel’s streamlined incentive structure.

This means you may pay $25, join Explorer for $50 each month, and be rewarded to attract others to do the same.

This is your typical MLM pyramid scam.

I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere whether Hapi Travel affiliates are needed to acquire and maintain an Explorer membership.

Regardless, if Hapi Travel affiliates own the bulk of Explorer memberships, the organization is operating as a pyramid scheme.

It is simple to determine whether your potential Hapi Travel upline is conducting their firm as a pyramid scheme.

Inquire about the Club tier they’ve qualified for, how many personal memberships they need to sell to qualify, and how many of those memberships are retail (sold to customers who haven’t paid the $25 Hapi Travel affiliate fee).

If the split is less than 50/50, the affiliate is operating their Hapi Travel firm as a pyramid scheme.

I can’t say whether this is true across the board, but the deliberate ambiguity and absence of retail membership requirements would surely imply it.

I don’t think Hapi Travel is ready for (re)launch due to continuous transparency difficulties, rudderless management, and a question mark over retail sales compliance.

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