On paper, Mohammed Omer Ali is the creator and CEO of EazyBot.

Ali was previously unknown in MLM crypto circles prior to EazyBot. Ali worked in the elevator and escalator installation profession before reinventing himself as a crypto dude.

Ali is headquartered in and runs EazyBot from Dubai, the world’s MLM crime capital.

According to SimilarWeb, the biggest sources of traffic to EazyBot are the United States (23%), Russia (12%), and Germany, Ukraine, and Canada (all 8%).

While Ali is an unknown, EazyBot is being promoted by a group of serial Ponzi marketers headquartered in the United States.

Today, we’ll look at the connections between EazyBot and 10X Crypto Traders. David Charles, Vineet Chhabra, Ken Chickk, and Peter Antony are among the ringleaders.

As part of our May 2021 Matt Bot AI study, BehindMLM stumbled across 10X Crypto Traders.

Matt Bot AI was a crypto bot Ponzi scam that paid out 10% to 30% each month.

While Matt AI Bot is thought to have been controlled by scammers based in Southeast Asia, it did have a substantial US investment base.

In our Matt Bot AI review, we mentioned that 10X Crypto Traders was driving the recruitment of US-based Matt Bot AI investors.

From May through November, we had the usual swarm of irate scammers claiming Matt Bot AI was a Ponzi scheme.

Matt Bot AI is expected to have failed by early 2022. By Q2 2022, all that remained were Indian Matt Bot AI promoters feverishly attempting to recruit anybody they could.

Matt Bot AI eventually went offline in late May or early June 2022.

The website domain for EazyBot was registered at the end of December 2021. EazyBot then entered prelaunch in early 2022 before launching in March 2022.

David D. Charles, alias Dawoud Louis-Charles, is the CEO of 10X Crypto Traders.

10X Crypto Traders is incorporated as “10X Crypto Traders LLC” in Florida. The company’s managers are Lisa Louis-Charles and Dawoud Louis-Charles.

Charles, a US resident located in Florida, appears in EazyBot commercial videos:

Charles is the Chief Operating Officer of EazyBot, and he was in Dubai for the company’s February 27th 2022 launch event:

Charles is said to be the principal benefit of US investors attracted into Matt Bot AI as the owner of 10X Crypto Traders.

Vineet Chhabra, also known as Vincent Chhabra and Vaneet Kumar Chhabra, is up next.

Chhabra is the Chief Marketing Officer at EazyBot.

Chhabtra remarked during EazyBot’s prelaunch ceremony in February 2022;

I am India’s national country leader. And it is my responsibility to market EazyBot in India and persuade everyone in India to use EazyBot to get passive money.

Matt AI Bot was pushed by Chhabra via 10X Crypto Traders:

Chhabra, who also lives in Florida, has an unusual backstory.

Chhabra pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute a prohibited drug in 2004. Chhabra was a part of a $125 million illicit pill manufacturing network.

According to the Washington Post, Chhabra

He launched his firms in Ohio, relocated them to Virginia when Ohio medical board officials raised worries about their legality, and then moved them back to Florida when Virginia state officials voiced similar issues.

Chhabra was sentenced to 33 months in jail after submitting a guilty plea.

In 2004, the FTC pursued Chhabra and his enterprises Dynamic Health and Chhabra Group.

Pedia Reduction, a weight loss supplement, and Fabulously Feminine, a female sexual enhancement supplement, were among the goods marketed, branded, offered for sale, sold, and disseminated to the general public by respondents.

The FTC ruled that Chhabra advertised Pedia Loss and Fabulously Feminine using “false and deceptive statements.”

In 2006, Chhabra agreed to resolve the FTC’s charges.

Chhabra was charged in a puppy mill scheme in 2011.

One of Chhabra’s victims told NBC Miami that after paying more than $2000 to one of Chhabra’s firms, she received an animal that resembled a tiger.

She arrived in California near death, behaved oddly, plagued with worms, ear mites, parasites, and fraudulent documents, and looked nothing like the dog she saw online.

Another victim reported receiving a dog that was “near death, unconscious with open wounds, mites, and a strange behavior.”

Last Chance for Animals, a local animal welfare organization that conducted an independent investigation into Chhabra, believes he established the company from prison.

When challenged,

According to Chhabra’s business counsel, Chhabra assists in the management of the firm that his father started.

Their primary website, breedersdirect.com, has been decommissioned and renamed. According to critics, when websites receive online complaints, they simply re-open under a new name.

At the same time, Chhabra was issuing false accreditations through “imposter schools” in the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

In 2020, a lawsuit was filed in Florida, identifying Chhabra as a defendant.

It was also determined that Defendants… were working closely with Defendant Vincent Chhabra, and that Defendants were running several counterfeit school websites and firms as diploma and “drop-out mills,” as well as funneling money to several other businesses with convicted criminals.

The civil complaint encompasses the years 2009 through 2020. That lawsuit is still open as of late August 2022.

Vincent Chhabra, Michael Chhabra, and Sushma Chhabra were named Defendants in a case brought by 160 female Plaintiffs in November 2020.

Plaintiffs are 160 women who were implanted with pelvic mesh devices to address stress-urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse and were duped by Defendants through an intricate scheme in which Plaintiffs were duped.

Regardless of Plaintiffs’ medical condition, they were pressured and scared into undergoing invasive procedures to remove their pelvic mesh devices.
Plaintiffs’ health insurance could not be utilized to cover the price of the operations, they were told.
were charged high fees for operations that greatly beyond the legitimate cost of the procedures; and
To meet the price of these procedures, they were tricked into taking out loans with usurious interest rates.
Through an illegal data breach, the defendant legal marketing business stole Plaintiff’s personal contact information and medical records.

Chhabra is cited as a non-attorney member of a number of businesses that are accused of receiving allegedly unlawfully obtained medical documents and passing them on to “surgical facilitator defendants.”

The case against Chhabra is still ongoing as of August 2022.

I’m not sure what else Chhabra has been up to, but it appears that he’s shifted to MLM crypto securities fraud in the last several years.

Ken Chickk refers to himself as “Coach Ken.”

Chickk, a US citizen and Florida resident, is EazyBot’s Global Sales Director.

Chickk sponsored Matt Bot AI and had a direct relationship to the company’s proprietors in Southeast Asia:

EazyBot’s Chief Support Officer is Peter Antony.

Antony is from Canada, which sets him apart from the other ringleaders.

I couldn’t prove Antony was a member of 10X Crypto Traders or supporting Matt Bot AI.

The closest I got was “Peter,” who was hosting Matt AI Bot training webinars alongside Ken Chickk.

Antony explicitly hinted that he’d ride Matt Bot AI out with the rest of the 10X Crypto Traders gang as EazyBot’s February 2022 prelaunch event;

We’ve been working on many projects over the last year, and one of the issues has been customer service. And everyone had the same problem, and we have no contact with the guys who constructed the bot.

Antony may be referring to Matt Bot AI when he says “bot.”

Putting it all together, we have a collection of con artists led by David Charles.

All but one of EazyBot’s corporate team members benefited directly from the recruiting of US investors into Matt Bot AI via Charles’ 10X Crypto Traders club.

Except for Peter Antony, who is based in Canada, Charles’ 10X Crypto Trader management team, who are now primarily responsible for EazyBot, are all headquartered in Florida, USA.

I’m not sure what the link between Mohammed Omer Ali and David Charles is, but EazyBot is clearly a reboot of Matt Bott AI.

As Matt Bot AI began to fail in late 2021, Charles’ crew of 10X Crypto Traders fraudsters abandoned it. The official Facebook page of 10X Crypto Traders was shut down in November 2021.

EazyBot’s website domain was in place by the end of December 2021, and EazyBot went into prelaunch two months later.

Matt Bot AI victims of 10X Crypto Traders were left to fend for themselves.

The same thing is happening with EazyBot, however this time Charles and the 10X Crypto Traders crooks are in command.

David Charles, addressing at EazyBot’s prelaunch event in the UAE in February 2022: “The reason we’re all here isn’t just by chance.”

Everyone here is on a sincere, honest path to assist a community of people and (are) seeking for a better answer than the one we had.

That is where we are now. As I previously stated, Mohammed did not wake up one day and decide, “Let me develop a bot.”

Host: Did you guys push him towards it? The (Matt Bot AI) investors pushed him in that direction.

Charles: Absolutely, after it became evident that a better solution was required.

Given that the US accounts for 23% of traffic to EazyBot’s website, SimilarWeb recorded 415,000+ visits to EazyBot’s website in August 2022.

EazyBot is a classic MLM crypto securities scam.

Investors sign up, pay optional tether costs, invest funds through a centralized crypto trading bot, and pay fees in returns.

EazyBot charges and collects payments in tether. For investors who do not pay yearly EazyBot membership fees, ROI costs can reach 30%.

Despite the fact that EazyBot provides a passive investment option, neither EazyBot nor David Charles, Vineet Chhabra, Ken Chickk, Peter Antony, or Mohammed Omer Ali are registered with the SEC.

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