Investors from EvoRich are currently being drawn into an NFT scam.

The newest in a string of frauds aimed against the remnants of Andrey Khovratov’s EvoRich Ponzi scheme is “Dragon Man” NFTs.

You’re not alone if you’ve never heard of Dragon Man.

To recoup investor cash that had been stolen, EvoRich first debuted Dragon Man in June 2020:

Be aware that DragonMan: The Adventures of Luke Starr, another DragonMan film, is currently under production. The Dragon Man film by EvoRich is unrelated to it.

The specifics of the film Dragon Man are irrelevant. All you need to know is that it is still in production limbo after two years.

The release of Dragon Man NFTs is important to our coverage of EvoRich.

The marketing ploy that “allows fans to be able to participate in the film” is crucial to Dragon Man NFTs. The phrase “give us your money” is code.

The Dragon Man NFT scam that EvoRich used is not noteworthy. They want to flog them as NFTs by JPGing every frame of the film.

To the moon, 69420x your investment, we’re all going to succeed, etc. are some of the phrases used.

An investment strategy is part of the cash grab. A “points pool” is equal to one share for each Dragon Man NFT.

A larger percentage of ownership to the total points existing results from owning more NFTs, allowing you to have more points from the overall pool.

You must first suspend disbelief and accept that Dragon Man is not a failed money laundering scheme as the points pool is allegedly supported by royalties.

Or to put it another way: Yup, another Ponzi scam.

Leaders of the EvoRich organization Mila Serdjukova and Armands Murnieks are pushing the DragonMan NFT scam.

On social media, Serdjukova and Murnieks both claim to be based in London, United Kingdom.

The UK’s FCA issued a fraud alert on EvoRich in June 2021. Under the previous business name of EvoRich, NEEW, a warning was issued.

Even though the NFT scam has been publicized, EvoRich hasn’t disclosed how much money will be taken from investors if they invest in one.

As I understand it, top recruiters like Serdjukova and Murnieks will primarily profit from the sale of the NFTs through the current EvoRich affiliate genealogy.

EvoRich intends to first try out their new NFT fraud in India.

Depending on how it works, it’ll probably either be dropped or expanded to other areas.

Dragon Man NFTs come after BobCoin and FNT token, two previous EvoRich reload frauds.

Anyone who invested in Bobcoin experienced a financial catastrophe. The FNT token has not yet caused losses and was only recently revealed.

Following the arrest of EvoRich founder Andrey Khovratov in April, the EvoRich reload scams became public.

In a nutshell, the original Ponzi scheme’s leaders are attempting a double heist on the victims.

When Khovratov tried to leave Russia, he was caught. Although there have been no concrete updates since April, it is thought that he is still in custody.

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