The “big event” in Dubai for OnPassive has passed without any new products being introduced, and affiliates are growing restless once more.

Most of the time, Mufareh’s hours-long waffle session webinars are no longer effective.

OnPassive will be a sponsor of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which is Mufareh’s newest dazzling ball.

Oh, and OnPassive appears to be the subject of a US probe. Or at least Mufareh recently suggested as much.

Mufareh said OnPassive was collaborating with the US government earlier this year.

For the protection of consumers, I had supper with one of the states, not the federal government. That occurred yesterday night.

Near the conclusion, they questioned, “How do you do this? How do you think about all this? ”

I have direct contacts at the high upper levels for folks who enjoy criticizing OnPassive.

One of the important individuals that really joined us for dinner last night was the one I intended to display. I don’t want to reveal their identities, though.

And if you believe that I’m just making that claim without any support, you’re a fool. Okay, so you are nuts.

You believe that I can say that? Anyone would not typically think that way, like.

Yes, the issue at hand is more significant than Congress. Okay?

If governor comes to mind, Yes. Department of State? Yes.

That it had anything to do with OnPassive is obviously nonsense, even if Mufareh had been in the same room with a US government official.

The Recovering Hunbot graciously offered an OnPassive webinar in August 2022, and Mufareh’s choice of language hints that a regulatory subpoena may be in effect.

My name is Ash Mufareh [24:00]. I’m calling from Orlando to you. The date is August 18, 2022.

There is a recording of this webinar. The United States government in Washington, DC, as well as our legal team will be given access to this tape.

We have a formal request to deliver and share the recording of this and other requests, but we don’t have to say whose department made the request.

That first seems like a regulatory subpoena, but upon closer examination, it isn’t really credible.

OnPassive is a pyramid scam, to start. The FTC is in charge of overseeing pyramid schemes in the US.

There is a Washington, D.C., office for the FTC. However, if they were looking into Mufareh in Florida, they would probably be doing so at the FTC’s Southeast Regional Office, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Washington, DC may have only been said by Mufareh to seem significant (85% of Mufareh’s webinars are autofellatio, after all), but the way he’s mentioning the US government makes no sense.

US judicial filings frequently come before regulatory subpoenas. Additionally, they are retrospective, as far as I know. In other words, the FTC has the right to request already-posted records but is under no duty to do so.

The only exemption to this rule would be a monitoring settlement, although Mufareh would have to reveal a real inquiry first. We would also be aware of it.

Instead, I believe that this is merely another instance of Mufareh implying the US government in his fictitious enterprise.

I’m not sure how long one can get away with implying that the US government is involved in your pyramid scam, but when it comes to genuine inquiry, it’s probably not something that’s treated lightly.

Another option is that Mufareh mentioned the US administration to control affiliates.

The very next subject Mufareh brought up was threatening termination of OnPassive affiliates who express opinions on social media. One anonymous terminated case looks to be a recent YouTube discussion of the strategy by someone in OnPassive.

It can be construed as a threat to inform affiliates that the webinar would be videotaped and forwarded to the government. Consider: “The US government is on my side; don’t ask any stupid questions otherwise.”

Where is my money, for instance, is a question Mufareh doesn’t want to respond to.

” and “Five years have passed; why haven’t we published anything yet?

Mufareh has in the past issued threats of “criminal defamation” to associates who confront him. In the US, criminal defamation does not exist.

After finishing his speech, Mufareh rambles on about how OnPassive is producing “four or five hundred items that will be here for thousands of years to come.”

Just recently, OnPassive celebrated four years since GoFounder’s website domain was initially registered. No products have been introduced to yet.

Despite claiming to have better copies of well-known software,

Webinars hosted by OnPassive use Zoom;
Mufareh creates OnPassive presentations using Microsoft Powerpoint;
WordPress powers the OnPassive website; and
Affiliates of OnPasive post marketing webinars to YouTube
OnPassive affiliates have been sold a fantasy, according to Mufareh, that would eventually draw “the great majority of the internet.”

The other key point from the August webinar was Mufareh’s assertion that OnPassive was a sponsor of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

[1:12:55] We are intending to, um, work toward not planning to, um, be one of the six sponsors for the World Cup. Qatar, November/December.

Over a billion people have probably seen that.

The issue with Mufareh’s assertion is that anybody can visit FIFA’s website and check OnPassive isn’t a sponsor. Keep in mind that this webinar was held on August 18.

Since Q1 2021, FIFA has begun securing World Cup sponsors. One of them is not OnPassive.

Of course, this didn’t stop Mufareh from declaring OnPassive to be “a sponsor of Qatar 2022 World Cup” in a video announcement a few days earlier.

FIFA calls this dishonest technique “ambush marketing.”

Ambush marketing activities typically take place when a brand tries to tie itself to a significant event, whether it be through advertising or promotions that use tournament designations or by giving away/raffling off tickets, or by implementing a creative campaign that only tangentially associates with the tournament using imagery or textual references that aim to create a link to the event.

Ambush marketing refers to non-sponsor firms’ marketing initiatives that aim to capitalize on the intense public interest in the event by having an on-site presence at or around the event grounds (such as stadiums).

Such illegal marketing practices have free promotion as their primary goal in common.

Ambush marketing is a practice that we prioritize in our brand protection efforts since it directly jeopardizes FIFA’s commercial program by eroding the value of official sponsorship.

The World Cup competitions are the product of extensive development and marketing efforts, which would not have been feasible without the financial assistance of our Commercial Affiliates.

Ambush marketers attempt to profit from the goodwill and favorable perception that the FIFA tournaments create without supporting its organization.

We are dedicated to judiciously defending our brands and the exclusive rights of our sponsors.

Our initiatives are built upon three pillars that emphasize preventative and instructional steps to head off any potential problems.

Of course, we keep an eye out for infringements in the market and will take appropriate action.

If necessary, we will protect our rights via all legal means available, but we will always act rationally.

What’s the true purpose of this, in the interim?

The sale of advertising packages to OnPassive affiliates is Mufareh’s next scam to extort money from them.

[1:15:45] We will be discussing possible partnerships or alliances with OnPassive with other traffic providers.

We are growing as a result because we need to improve.

As an illustration, let’s take the topic of bought traffic as acquired special visitors, which are used in paid advertising.

All of those billboards, all of that marketing—what is occurring in Qatar, what is happening in Dubai—is probably only going to be available to the founders.

Some founders will also not be eligible. I won’t invest millions or tens of millions on some lunatic.

We’ll talk about individuals responsible for paying for the bundles next week. Therefore, if you purchase this package and ask for this number of clicks and visits, you will receive what you paid for, correct?

And everything is commissionable.

You may now be asking why OnPassive would advertise when there are almost no services to sell.

According to reports, OnPassive stopped accepting new affiliates in June. However, the website traffic for OnPassive does not add up to that.

The OnPassive and OFounders websites have witnessed a sharp rise in visits from Africa despite apparently blocking down recruiting.

A quarter of all visits to OnPassive in August 2022 were from Ghana, indicating a 4458% increase in traffic. Zambia accounts for another 8.9% of traffic, which is up 207% month over month.

OFounders had a spike in traffic from Ghana of more than 5000%, accounting for 10% of all traffic. Zambia has grown 204% and contributes 6% of traffic.

While India and Bangladesh, historically OnPassive’s two greatest sources of traffic, remain constant, recruitment in the US appears to have died.

I’m going to venture a guess and say that OnPassive’s affiliates in India, and probably some in the US as well, are actively seeking out low-hanging fruit in Africa.

There is no alternative explanation for why an MLM organization would be expanding in Africa when it has allegedly stopped recruiting and has nothing to sell.

It is clear that this isn’t being done in the open. I think affiliates who have acquired several OnPassive accounts—some are thought to have acquired hundreds or perhaps thousands—are selling them.

As long as the money keeps coming in, Mufareh will probably remain quiet about it.

I’m open to any more theories as to why OnPassive usage suddenly increased in Ghana and Zambia.

I questioned the veracity of Mufareh’s claim of a collaboration and emailed FIFA a link to OnPassive’s film about the FIFA partnership. If I receive a response, I’ll update this section.

Update, September 23, 2022: FIFA hasn’t responded, however OnPassive seems to have gotten a cease and desist letter.

OnPassive’s FIFA sponsorship video has been removed as of earlier this week.

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