MediaCoin has been detected as operating without a legitimate regulatory financial license and has been highlighted as a potential cryptocurrency fraud.

Scams using the cryptocurrency MediaCoin are on the rise as the demand for digital currencies continues to rise.

Since the debut of digital currency little over a decade ago, MediaCoin coin fraud has been an awful reality. MediaCoin was created as a decentralized alternative to the existing banking system; nevertheless, the capacity to deal internationally without a centralized system has provided criminals with opportunity to abuse this new technology.

Traditional financial systems are rife with fraud, yet in the majority of cases, victims have some remedy inside the traditional banking system. Contrary to Cryptocurrencies. In the absence of help or insurance plans, victims are left with nothing but the agonizing loss of their digital possessions.

These frauds might take several forms:

Ponzi schemes enrich the few at the expense of the many. Cloud mining schemes promise large profits in a localized mining operation, but are often unable to deliver.

Specifically aimed to target and steal from investors, phishing schemes cryptocurrency

Suspicious Behavior Suggesting MediaCoin Operates a Cryptocurrency Scam

Your account has been shut off.

Your account has been deactivated.

You are unable to access your account.

Your account balance has vanished. You cannot reach your broker.

The company’s website is down.

Your bank account has been compromised without your awareness.

MediaCoin provides free tokens or a bonus.

Following a large loss, MediaCoin is urging you to spend more money.

MediaCoin will accept bitcoin or an alternative cryptocurrency as payment for continued service.

How to Report a Fraud Using MediaCoin

A successful monies recovery campaign following a bitcoin scam begins with a prompt disclosure of the fraud. Fill out the form and a representative will call you to assist you in reporting a fraud and initiating the fund recovery process.



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