The “click a button” app Ponzi scheme FocuStar has failed.

Since around 48 hours ago, both internet domains for FocuStar have been deactivated.

The official YouTube channel for FocuStar is still accessible, but comments are blocked.

The disappearance of FocuStar’s websites was preceded by complaints of withdrawal difficulties.

As far as BehindMLM is aware, FocuStar began requiring affiliates to seek new investors. No matter how many new victims an affiliate recruited, their withdrawal requests were ultimately refused.

FocuStar also performed investment campaigns throughout the previous several weeks, as is typical of MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes.

These campaigns provide extra credits on invested monies to investors.

FocuStar is one of many “click a button” software Ponzi schemes that appeared in late 2021.

The majority of investor-luring schemes last between a few weeks and many months before crumbling.

As with any Ponzi scheme, the longevity of a “click a button” Ponzi scheme depends on its success in targeted locations.

FocuStar targeted Venezuela, Spain, Germany, India, Mexico, and Greece as its primary markets.

Most, if not all, “click a button” Ponzi schemes are said to be operated by Chinese con artists.

As losses escalate and consumer knowledge of “click a button” Ponzis increases, the scourge of “click a button” Ponzis have fortunately abated. However, there are still a few remaining (and no doubt more will be launched to beat a dead horse).

BLQ Football is the largest “click a button” app Ponzi scheme that I am currently aware of.

BLQ Football was first aimed at Uganda. I believe someone at BLQ Football made a mistake, even though recruitment in Uganda is still widespread.

BLQ Football was expected to plunder Uganda for a few months before disintegrating. Between July and August, BLQ Football recruitment in Uganda decreased considerably.

However, recruitment of BLQ Football investors has skyrocketed across China in its stead.

China is the only country that “click a button” Ponzi fraudsters have not targeted. Being situated in southeast China (it is doubtful that the fraudsters themselves operate from mainland China), targeting Chinese consumers is a risky endeavor.

As in other criminal havens, Chinese authorities routinely turn a blind eye to international fraud. When local complaints begin to stream in, though, the situation becomes perilous.

Regardless of what occurs and how long BLQ Football finally lasts, we know that, like with FocuStar, the bulk of investors lose money and there is no victim recovery.

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