Antares Trade’s official YouTube channel has been removed.

In an apparent attempt to conceal the second phase of their exit fraud, Antares Trade stated erroneously that YouTube had suspended the account.

Antares’ Trade’s YouTube channel returns the normal 404 error message.

Shortly after the account was deactivated, Antares Trade announced it on the “Alcor Trade”-branded Facebook page:

As stated previously, Antares Trade stated that its account has been “suspended for unclear reasons.”

Our legal staff is now doing everything necessary to determine the cause of the restriction and restore user access to all channel videos.

If YouTube technical support does not respond promptly, we will build a new channel where you may continue enjoying our video material.

The opposite is true.

Attempts to see certain Antares Trade marketing films yield the following:

You can even confirm the account closure on Antares Trade’s website:

Antares Trade lied about deleting its account before deleting it.

I assume Alexey Zhirovkin intended to remove the damning film as part of the second phase of his escape fraud.

Disabling withdrawals in May signified stage one of Zhirovkin’s departure scam, which was preceded by repeated failures and relaunches in the preceding year.

Now, the official YouTube channel for Antares Trade has been deleted, along with a substantial quantity of proof.

All that remains is to deactivate the Facebook page for Antares Trade and the websites for Antares Trade and Alcor Trade. It is unknown when Zhirovkin intends to execute stage three of his exit scam.

The bulk of Antares Trade and Alcor Trade victims are likely to be French citizens, as a result of a recruiting drive throughout the first quarter of 2022. Additionally, a substantial percentage of victims are from Andorra and Germany.

Zhirovkin operates Antares Trade and its offshoot Alcor Trade as “Alex Richter.”

In 2012, Zhirovkin, a Russian citizen, got residency in the Dominican Republic.

Zhirovkin fled Russia in 2012 when police uncovered his “bonus card” counterfeiting scheme. Zhirovkin’s legal position in Russia is that of a fugitive since his escape.

It is unknown how a wanted fugitive with a criminal background got a residence in the Dominican Republic.

To date, Dominican Republic authorities have taken no action against Zhirovkin or his numerous Ponzi enterprises.

Update, October 17, 2022 – Aleksey Zhirovkin has taken the websites for Antares Trades and Alcor Trades down.

This indicates that Zhirovkin’s escape swindle is complete. Uncertain if he is still in the Dominican Republic.

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