In January, BehindMLM became aware of Youngevity’s entry into foreign exchange trading.

We had no firm name, but we knew that Sal Leto was involved. Leto’s background raised a red signal, although we did not observe any blatant violations.

Youngevity’s FX business was renamed 8 Minute Trader in July 2022. The eventual launch date was set for September 1.

With the compensation scheme now public, BehindMLM revisits 8 Minute Trader for a formal evaluation around one month later.

8 Minute Trader Business
8 Minute Trader was introduced under Youngevity. The website of Youngevity does not specify Sal Leto’s precise company function.

As mentioned by Leto (right) on a marketing webinar for 8 Minute Trader on June 29;

I have granted Youngevity an exclusive license to use my techniques.

We have a technique that allows us to take someone who has never traded before and get them on a call with us for five or ten minutes every day in order to assist them generate 5%, 10%, or 20% profits on their account — in five or ten minutes.

Although 8 Minute Trader is hidden behind a lengthy list of “shop” goods on Youngevity’s website, the firm makes little effort to advertise it.

Youngevity’s Facebook page is fairly active. I examined each post from August 1 and found that none of them connect to 8 Minute Trader.

Given that 8 Minute Trader was released on September 1, this seems somewhat odd. At least on the corporate level, Youngevity is reluctant to promote its foreign exchange service.

8 Minute Trader’s Merchandise
8 Minute Trader sells a signals platform designed to generate “a few percentage points every day in few minutes of trading.”

The US30, often known as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, is traded by 8 Minute Trader, with an emphasis on the opening hour.

You download this to your computer, set up the screen, and will be able to enter and exit trades with the press of a button.

The software is MT4, and the signal range is reportedly developed by artificial intelligence.

Users click “purchase” whenever the live chart reaches the green region (between the solid and dashed green lines) If the chart’s upward trend continues, a profit is made.

In addition to the principal platform for trading signals, 8 Minute Trader offers access to

“dawn ringing”
“Post 8 Scalper” notifications 24 hours a day
“school of advanced trading psychology” “digital marketer’s academy”
The Post 8 Scalper is a software program based on Artificial Intelligence that operates on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

The program is meant to spot strong patterns across the whole range of financial markets, including indices, foreign exchange, metals and commodities such as Gold and Oil, and even cryptocurrency.

Customers will also receive a mix of trading instruction at the master class level, including psychological classes that are generally employed by high-net-worth, skilled traders.

Youngevity does not disclose who is behind the 8 Minute Trader addition, making it harder for buyers to get an educated opinion.

The selling price of 8 Minute Trader is $599 plus $199 each month.

8 Minute Trader’s Reward Structure
The compensation plan of 8 Minute Trader is a modified version of the compensation plan of Youngevity.

8 Minute The compensation scheme of Trader offers commissions on retail subscription sales and affiliate recruitment.

Eight Minute Trader Affiliate Positions
There are seven affiliate levels in the 8 Minute Trader affiliate program.

In addition to their specific eligibility requirements, they are as follows:

Refer and keep three active clients as a Sales Associate.
Senior Associate – Maintain Three Active Customers Referred Personally (not a typo, rank qualification is presented the same as SAA)
1 Star Executive – Maintain three personally introduced active customers, twelve clients in your downline, recruit and retain three affiliates, and produce 5,400 GV every month.
2 Star Executive – Have three unilevel team legs with a 1 Star or above, thirty-six clients in your downline, three directly recruited affiliates, and produce 7,500 GV every month.
3 Star Executive – Have five unilevel team legs with at least one 1 Star member, sixty consumers in your downline, recruit and retain five affiliates, and produce 10,500 GV every month.
4 Star Executive – Have six unilevel team legs with 1 Star or above members, 72 clients in your downline, recruit and keep six affiliates, and produce 27,000 GV every month.
5 Star Executive – Have nine unilevel team legs with at least one star in each, have 108 clients in your downline, recruit and manage nine affiliates, and produce 43,200 GV every month.
Note that 8 Minute Trader only considers the first three tiers of recruiting for rank qualifying. Customers, GV, and recruited affiliates are essential.

GV is an acronym for “Group Volume.” GV represents the amount of sales created by an 8 Minute Trader affiliate and their downline.

600 GV are generated on the initial sale of an 8 Minute Trader subscription.

Based on the initial charge GV, the monthly fee GV is estimated to be around 200 GV.

Customers must pay their monthly membership cost in order to count towards rank qualifying.

Customers might be retail clients or affiliates recruited by the business.

Referral Compensation
8 Minute Trader provides referral commissions of “up to $135” for personal sales of 8 Minute Trader subscriptions.

The “up to” portion of referral commissions is not clarified in the 8 Minute Trader incentive plan.

This may include retail sales or affiliate recruitment.

Bonus Points (initial fee)
8 Minute Trader provides $290 in Coded Bonuses for each membership transaction.

The Coded Bonus is depending on rank:

SAAs receive $30, whereas SRAs can earn up to $80.
1 Stars receive up to $150.
2 Stars earn as much as $210
Three Stars can earn up to $250.
4 Stars might earn as much as $275
5 Stars might earn as much as $290
The bonus’s coded nature is activated when lower-ranking affiliates sell 8 Minute Trader memberships.

For example, you are 2 Star and you sell subscriptions. You have received $210, leaving $80 of the $290 Coded Bonus to be distributed.

The system looks upline for an affiliate with a 3 Star or higher ranking.

If a 3 Star is discovered first, they earn $40 ($250 minus $210 previously paid out), leaving $40 to be given to a 4 Star or above. If a 4 Star is discovered first, they receive $65 ($275 minus $210 already paid out), leaving $15 to be paid to the first upline. 5 Star
If a 5 Star is discovered first, the remaining $40 will be awarded.
In this way, higher-ranked affiliates get the Coded Bonus on subscriptions sold by lower-ranked affiliates in their downline.

Bonus Points (monthly fees)
Every $199 monthly membership payment is accompanied by a $30 Coded Bonus.

SAAs can earn up to $3, SRAs up to $8, 1 Stars up to $15, and 2 Stars up to $21.
Three Stars can earn up to $26.
4 Stars might earn as much as $29
Five Stars can earn up to $30
Note that the monthly Coded Bonus is paid per rank in the exact same manner as the Coded Bonus for the original charge (details above)

Recurring Commissions Eight Minute A unilevel commission structure is utilized by Trader to pay residual commissions.

A unilevel pay system positions an affiliate at the apex of a unilevel team, with each individually recruited affiliate positioned directly behind th

Recruited level 1 affiliates are put on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

If any level 2 affiliates join new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on down an unlimited number of theoretical levels.

8 Minute Trader pays residual commissions as a proportion of $65 set aside from monthly subscription fees.

Sales Associates receive 8% commission on level 1 (affiliates directly recruited), 8% on level 2, 7% on level 3, and 6% on level 4.
On levels 1 and 2, Senior Associates receive 8%, on level 3, 7%, and on levels 4 and 5, 6%.
1 Star Executives and higher earn 8 percent on levels 1 and 2, 7 percent on level 3, 6 percent on levels 4 and 5, and 8 percent on level 6.
Lifestyle Perk
The Lifestyle Bonus is connected to rank advancement over a predetermined time period.

1 Star Executive for 2 consecutive months to get $300 2 Star Executive the next month to receive $600 3 Star Executive the following month to receive $800 4 Star Executive the following month to receive $1000 5 Star Executive the following month to receive $1500 or $2,000 (variance in bonus not explained)
Global Revenue Share Incentive Fund
8 Minute Trader contributes two percent of yearly subscription volume to the Global Revenue Share Bonus Pool.

9 out of 12 months, 8 Minute Trader 5 Star Executives with at least 500,000 GV are eligible for the Global Revenue Share Bonus Pool.

The Global Revenue Share Bonus Pool is divided into two smaller 1% pools for distribution.

In the first pool, shares are given based on the yearly GV produced by an affiliate’s downline, until another Global Revenue Share Bonus Pool-qualified affiliate is discovered in each unilevel team leg.

If there is no such affiliate, GV from the whole leg is applied to shares.

The second pool is evenly shared among all eligible 5 Star affiliates.

Participating in 8 Minute Trader
The $30 Youngevity affiliate membership is required for 8 Minute Trader affiliate membership.

If an affiliate want to create a Youngevity business in addition to 8 Minute Trader, there are more expensive solutions available.

8 Minute Trader Summary
Whether or not forex trading MLM chances constitute a security offering is of urgent relevance.

There is a securities offering if trading is automated in any way. This is not the case with 8 Minute Trading, as the business clarifies that “the program will never make a deal for the customer.”

Utilize 8 Minute The Trader platform appears to be easy. You activate their bot and, when requested, click either purchase or sell.

Moreover, you only perform this activity for a few minutes each day, five days per week.

With revenue projections such as the one above, I find it amazing that 8 Minute Trader is not more popular. The results of those utilizing 8 Minute Trader are lackluster.

That’s not necessarily a negative thing (I didn’t find anyone complaining about their account being blown up), but I doubt anyone is coming close to turning $2500 into $130,000 in a year.

An example of a potential compliance issue is the usage of 8 Minute Trader with EnviFX.

Although it is not prominently displayed on Youngevity’s website or in the 8 Minute Trader support documents, I kept seeing EnviFX in affiliate marketing.

In July, a reader of BehindMLM alleged that 8 Minute Trader used EnviFX as its platform.

This is problematic since EnviFX is not registered with financial regulations and so operates unlawfully.

Additionally, EnviFX has emerged as the platform of choice for at least two MLM prospects perpetrating securities and commodities fraud in the past several months, namely Automated Capital and Adivah Tech.

EnviFX appears to be aware of their deception, as their website states, “This website does not recruit US clients.”

Youngevity is a US-based MLM organization, hence the bulk of its affiliates, including those in 8 Minute Trader, are American citizens.

If the majority of 8 Minute Trader’s members are also affiliates, there is a risk that it works as a pyramid scam in terms of its MLM component.

8 Minute Trader does not favor retail over affiliate recruiting, counting recruited affiliate and retail subscribers equally.

As previously indicated, it is a worry that Youngevity does not advertise 8 Minute Trader to potential retail customers.

As a prospective 8 Minute Trader retail client or affiliate, it is simple to conduct basic product research.

You require a minimum of two months of trading experience attributed to 8 Minute Trader’s signals. No excuses or exclusions.

If the individual trying to offer you 8 Minute Trader cannot produce this, you should go away.

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