Officially, Eyal Avramovich merged his bankrupt Mining City Ponzi enterprise with iMine.

On October 6th, an email was issued to Mining City investors advising them of a “strategic relationship” with iMine.

Users of Mining City,

We are pleased to announce that Mining City, MineBest, and iMine have formed a strategic collaboration! Together, we expand!

Our new relationship with iMine is the most significant element of this strategic cooperation. Individuals and corporations have access to iMine, a fully interactive digital mining platform.

Within the scope of our collaboration, we will welcome the Mining City community to embark on an interactive, intelligent, and global mining adventure with iMine, all in combination with a scalable, sustainable, and secure network marketing approach.

iMine is a Mining City clone that primarily targeted investors in Southeast Asia.

Even though Abramovich (right) owns both Mining City and iMine, he continues to act as though they are separate businesses.

During the transitional period for Mining City, the company will provide technology and consulting services to several other Network Marketing and cloud mining companies to ensure a steady stream of revenue to finance the operational costs associated with the business’s transition to comply with new regulations.

This type of cooperation will ultimately benefit current Mining City customers, who can rest assured that Mining City will have additional revenue streams to cover operational costs, customer support expenses, and the cost of all legal and technical work required to adapt the business to the new regulations.

Due to Abramovich’s refusal to accept ownership of Mining City and iMine, the email skirts around the fact that they are both Ponzi schemes.

Please do not view iMine, or any other companies with whom we may work in the future, as a rival competitor of Mining City, but rather as a company with similar offers that we are confident will be beneficial for the Mining City community, and for which we intend to prepare similar offers alongside our partner.

According to market conditions, iMine already offers a dynamic and competitive pricing model for their Hash Power Packages, which is partially similar to our Mining Plans, as well as a truly global mining experience provided by our mutual partner MineBest, which enables them to receive Bitcoin mining rewards from new facilities in South America and Central Asia, and much more!

Regarding the other member of our Key Alliance, you are aware that MineBest has always been a strategic partner of Mining City, providing our international community with an exceptional mining experience.

MineBest is the parent firm through which Abramovich operates his Ponzi scam.

To prevent investor reaction (Avramovich’s victims requesting their money back), Mining City’s and iMine’s formerly open social media pages are now closed to comments.

A few months ago, iMine appeared as a relaunch of Mining City.

Greg Rogowski, the former employee of Abramovich and CEO of Mining City, has cashed out and vanished. The CEO of iMine is a dummy named Jorge Mesquita.

According to his LinkedIn page, Mesquita resides in Portugal. Following positions in IT, advertising, and consultancy, Mesquita remade himself in 2016 as a blockchain dude.

From Poland, Abramovich and Rogowski operated the Mining City Ponzi scam. Despite potential huge investment losses, Polish authorities have taken no action against Mining City or Abramovich to yet.

I have heard stories that Abramovich has escaped to Dubai, but I have been unable to confirm them.

iMine has failed to acquire traction thus far. SimilarWeb shows that website traffic has been low during the previous few months.

Angry investors are all that remains of Mining City, so this is hardly unexpected.

iMine is likely to follow Mining City’s drawn-out departure swindle unless Abramovich finds fresh gullible victims shortly.

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