Peace Ranch’s website doesn’t list its owners.

Peace Ranch’s website is currently just an affiliate signup form. was registered in 2007.

The most recent update was on February 3, 2022.Peace Ranch followed shortly.

SimilarWeb lists South Africa (53%) and Pakistan (46%) as Peace Ranch’s top traffic sources.

Chinese scammers manage Peace Ranch:

This website’s source code links to “”:

China’s MIIT utilized this domain.

According to us, the domain was retired in 2019.

The “Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ICP/IP address/Domain Name Information Filing Management System” domain name has been changed to “” to meet General Office of the State Council regulations. and will be discontinued on April 25, 2019.

This confuses me. It may be a plant link, but Peace Ranch’s back-end isn’t open to the public.

If an MLM company doesn’t disclose its ownership, think twice before joining or giving them money.

Peace Ranch Products: 
Peace Ranch sells nothing.

Peace Ranch affiliates can only promote membership.

Peace Ranch Payout 
Peace Ranch affiliates invest USDT or local currency equivalents for daily returns.

V1 PRO: 40 USDT per day for 1 USDT.
V2 PRO: 120 USDT per day for 3 USDT.
V3 PRO: 360 USDT per day for 9 USDT.
V4 PRO: 1080 USDT for a daily fee of 27 USDT.
V5 PRO: 3000 USDT per day for 100 USDT.
V6 PRO: 8100 USDT per day for 270 USDT.
V7 PRO: 21,000 USDT per month, 700 USDT per day.
One-year peace ranch investments expire.

Referral fees: 
Peace Ranch gives referral commissions on invested tethers down three recruitment levels (unilevel):

6% at level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) 
2–4% 3–2% 
Peace Ranch pays daily ROI commissions at the same three recruitment levels.

1–5% 2–3% 3–1% 
Peace Ranch affiliation is free.

The earning possibility demands a minimum 12-USDT investment.

Peace Ranch is another click-a-button app Ponzi scheme targeting South Africa and Pakistan.

Peace Ranch affiliates invest tether or ZAR and click a button to earn daily returns.

Peace Ranch shows how “clicking a button” milks a cow.

Not. Peace Ranch pays returns by recycling invested mo

Late 2021 “click-a-button” app Ponzis include Peace Ranch.

We have identified forty-three “click-a-button” app Ponzis, including Peace Ranch. Most collapse within weeks or months.

The “click a button” app Ponzi pandemic is linked to the same Chinese crooks.

Peace Ranch is the first Chinese government-linked “click a button” Ponzi. Russia, China, North Korea, and others practice state-sponsored financial fraud.

We can’t rule out the Chinese government’s role in the global “click a button” Ponzi scheme epidemic.

Some “click-a-button” Ponzi schemes have millions of victims.

“Click-a-button Ponzis” have only been acknowledged by the Philippines.

Fraud alerts have been sent to a few “click a button” Ponzis, but the sector as a whole has gone unnoticed. 

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