On Tuesday, the offices of Success Factory in the Netherlands were broken into.

The raid was conducted on behalf of Estonian authorities by FIOD, a group in the Netherlands that looks into financial crimes.

Success Factory was part of the DagCoin Ponzi scheme that took place in the Netherlands.

Igor Alberts, who was from the Netherlands, ran Success Factory with the help of his wife, Andreea Cimbala, and a steady stream of PR from Ted Nuyten and BusinessForHome.

At the same time as the raid on the Dutch Success Factory, the founder of DagCoin, Nils Grossberg, was also arrested at the beginning of October. Geenius told people last week that Grossberg had been arrested.

Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala ran away from the Netherlands weeks before Estonian police moved to catch Grossberg.

In a way similar to how the Bulgarian government protects what’s left of OneCoin, the Dutch government has protected Alberts and Success Factory for the past five years.

We think that Alberts was told about the DagCoin arrests and the upcoming raid, which is what made him leave and evacuate.

Quote said on October 23 that Andreea Cimbala is now saying she used to be Igor Albert’s wife.

Quotenet says that Cimbala lied about Alberts being the owner of Success Factory.

Andreea Cimbala, who used to be his partner but is no longer, tells the FD that she and Alberts never owned Success Factory together.

Since Alberts and Cimbala were seen together a week ago, I don’t believe their story about being apart.

For now, FIOD won’t say if Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala are wanted criminals.

Between OneCoin, DagCoin, and Success Factory, though, they have scammed people out of more than $100 million, so it’s becoming more likely.

Alberts, Cimbala, and other top Success Factory and DagCoin scammers ran away from the Netherlands and went to Dubai, which is the world’s MLM crime capital.

In late September, Andrea Cimbala deleted all of her social media accounts. Igor Alberts did the same thing a few days before the Estonian arrests.

Alberts and Cimbala are thought to be on the run and hiding in Dubai, but no one knows where they are now.

I asked Alberts for his opinion, but he didn’t answer.

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