Four DagCoin executives, including the company’s founder Nils Grossberg and chief value officer Kris Ress, have been arrested in Estonia (aka Kristjan Ress).

Two weeks ago, Grossberg and Ress were arrested. Grossberg and Ress were denied bail and kept in jail for two months.

Genius says that the other two people arrested by Estonian police have not been named. It looks like the investigation is still going on.

The police think that Grossberg and Ress stole eight million euros through DagCoin, based on their first estimates. The real amount is likely to be a lot more.

The Success Factory was used to spread the word about the DagCoin Ponzi scheme.

Notable is that two weeks ago was about the 5th of October. We said on September 29 that the top net winners of DagCoin and Success Factory had left the Netherlands for Dubai.

Igor Alberts, Andreea Cimbala, Iulian Cimbala, and Quini Amores are some of the worst scammers on DagCoin.

Since we wrote about Igor Alberts in September, he has deleted all of his social media accounts. Andreea Cimbala, Albert’s wife, had deleted her accounts right before the two of them left Europe.

We can’t say for sure if the top earners in DagCoin and Success Factory are still in Dubai.

We can confirm, though, that as of four days ago, the scammers were planning to start a new scam through “Success4All,” which is the downline group for Alberts’ and Cimbala’s OneCoin, DagCoin, and Success Factory.

Estonian police have not yet said whether or not Alberts and Cimbala are “also in their sights.”

The notorious OneCoin Ponzi scheme was used as a model for DagCoin by Nils Grossberg.

After OneCoin went down in January 2017, DagCoin came out in the middle of 2017.

After Igor Alberts left OneCoin in December 2017, Success Factory was made.

OneLife, which is OneCoin’s marketing arm, was based on Success Factory.

From the Netherlands, where he lived, Igor Alberts ran the Success Factory. DagCoin was run by Grossberg and Ress out of Estonia. In real life, they were the same company.

To their shame, the Dutch government gave Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala a place to stay for well over five years.

The way they left is similar to how Alberts and Cimbala left OneCoin two months after the founder, Ruja Ignatova, went missing and was charged.

Ignatova went missing in October 2017, after the FBI’s OneCoin investigation got a tip from Frank Schneider.

When Alberts and Cimbala left the Netherlands, it was very suspicious. It’s not clear if they have a spy in the Dutch police force.

It would explain why the Dutch government didn’t do anything about them and let the couple leave the country.

I don’t throw around the word “allowed” very often. It’s hard to believe that the Dutch government didn’t know that Alberts and Cimbala used OneCoin, DagCoin, and Success Factory to steal more than $100 million.

Success Factory “launched in the US” earlier this year, which is something else to keep in mind.

Grossberg and Alberts didn’t want to take the risk of going to the US themselves, so they put Roald Mailly in charge.

Mailly is also a former OneCoin scammer, which doesn’t come as a surprise.

It’s not clear if the US government is looking into any of the DagCoin or Success Factory insiders.

Until we hear more from Estonia, stay tuned…

Postimees has given more information about what Grossberg and Ress have been charged with.

District prosecutor Kristiina Laas said, “Based on the information gathered so far in the criminal proceedings, there is reason to believe that the suspects artificially boosted the price of dAGCOIN and the number of its users in order to attract investment.” This gave the public the impression that dogcoin was a virtual currency that could be used as a payment method or stored to make money.

Based on what we know so far, this kind of activity has cost investors nearly 8 million euros. Most of the people who died were from other countries.

Postimees goes on to say that DagCoin advertised itself by saying that Estonia was a legitimate place for crypto crime to happen.

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