The People’s Public Security of Vietnam has issued a fraud alert to Skyway Capital.

Following the announcement made by VPPS on October 11,

Skyway is a group based in Belarus that raises money from businesses and individuals in order to fund air transport technology projects, as described in filings with the country’s Department of Economic Security. Individual buyers (investors) of stock packages

The Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security claims that Skyway is in violation of Vietnamese law by recruiting new members without first obtaining the necessary license from the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade.

VPPS’s own research has uncovered major recruitment hotspots for Skyway Capital in Hanoi, HCMC, Bac Ninh, and Bac Giang.

Skyway Capital in Vietnam is managed by Nguyen Thu Mat, per VPPS.

Skyway Capital’s official Vietnamese website gives Nguyen Van Tam credit for introducing the Ponzi scheme to Vietnam, but I was unable to verify this.

Someone had to be willing to seize the reins and make some bold moves when SkyWay was still in its formative stages in Vietnam.

Captain Nguyen Van Tam, a SWC investor, financial sponsor, and partner since 2016, is a man of patience and generosity who brought the first SkyWay chance to Vietnam.

Skyway Capital is a Ponzi/pyramid scheme, according to VPPS;

The business relies on a pyramidal structure for its network development. Investors receive a commission for bringing in new participants to the system, as well as a dividend payment each month based on the quantity of shares they possess.

It appears that further action will be futile until victims of Skyway Capital in Vietnam come forward.

Although investors have seen no returns so far, they are nevertheless committed to the project in the hopes of making a profit down the line (currently the authorities have not received the complaint letter from the victim). ( connected to Skyway Company’s business activities)… This results in several challenges in verification and processing due to the fact that these organizations are not based in Vietnam.

Back in 2016, we uncovered Skyway Capital, a 22% daily Russian Ponzi fraud.

Skyway Capital attempted to switch to cryptocurrency, but the move failed. By late 2021, the company had rebranded as Sky World Community.

Coincidentally, this occurred in November 2021, when Anatoly Unitsky, the firm’s owner, renamed Skyway, its parent company, to Unitsky String Technologies.

Unitsky (or Yunitskiy) lives in both Dubai, the global hub for multi-level marketing scams, and Belarus.

Unitsky String Technologies denies any affiliation with Sky World Community as of August 2022.

Sky World Community had announced their intention to try Cryptidium again two months earlier.

Over the previous three months, Cryptadium’s website has received roughly 15,000 visitors. According to SimilarWeb’s analytics, The top three countries sending visitors are Brazil (19%, -55% month-over-month), Vietnam (13%, +25%), and Russia (13%, -62%).

Poland (7% of Skyway website traffic, up 37% month over month) is another country seeing a rise in Cryptadium adoption alongside Vietnam.

Since Vietnamese authorities may wish to arrest the country’s ringleaders of the Sky World Community Ponzi scheme, this is a real possibility in a country where recruiting for the scheme is now booming.

The VPPS is clearly aware of who Nguyen Thu Mat is because they publicized their National ID credentials in their notice.

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