The TelexFree Receiver has sent an email to valid claim holders with information about a second distribution.

A reader shared an email to us that said people with valid claims would get a second payment of 4.5 cents on the dollar.

I think this is based on the total value of the allowed claims, no matter how much the first distribution payment was.

For example, if your claim was approved for $1,000, you can expect a second payment of $45.

People who have valid claims have until September 23 to change their payment method on the official payment portal.

Keep in mind that these payments will be sent out on their own. Anyone who asks for payment information or anything else related to the second distribution is trying to scam you.

Also, and this should go without saying, there have been no changes if you don’t have a valid claim. You won’t get a payment from the distribution.

Those who try to tell you otherwise are trying to trick you.

The TelexFree Receiver says that payments for the second distribution will be made on September 30. I’ll update this post to let you know that the payments have been received.

As of April 2020, TelexFree users who had their claims approved had gotten back about 40% of what they had lost. It looks like the second distribution payment will bring that number up to somewhere between 44% and 45%.

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