Alex Reinhardt’s PLC Ultima Ponzi scheme is falling apart, which is what made him start PLCUX.

Reinhardt’s PLCUX is his third new Ponzi scheme.

Reinhardt’s plan to invest in PLCUX is all about downloading an app called “Ultima Farm.”

-Make a farm wallet and send coins to it;

-Sign an electronic contract;

-The same number of coins will be made for your farm every month!

The name of the PLCUX website, “,” was registered privately on June 20, 2022.

On PLCUX’s website, there is no information about who owns the company or who runs it. Alex Reinhardt even pretends that he isn’t running the Ponzi scheme.

PLATINEX Limited Liability Company is the owner of the trademark for PLCUX. Its use does not mean that it is affiliated with or backed by it.

Reinhardt runs all of his crypto Ponzi schemes through Platinex, which is a shell company in Georgia.

PLCUX says on its website that it is

You have a way to make money every month that is based on smart contract technology and ensures uniform and stable minting.

When money is put into the PLCUX app, it stays there for a year.

This time, Reinhardt isn’t letting investors see the scam for what it is. PLCUX is a token that is tied to a smart contract.

On PLCUX’s website, there are no details. But if you could see what was invested in the PLCUX smart contract, it would look a lot like the chart above.

Investors who are too trusting sign up and put money in, and then Reinhardt and his friends steal their money.

On its website, PLCUX doesn’t say anything about an MLM part. If there is one, it is not being advertised in a clear way.

Last but not least, I want to talk about PLCU Pro tokens, which I saw in the PLCUX whitepaper.

Today, the PLCU and PLCUX coins, as well as the PLCU PRO tokens, are all part of the PLC Ultima ecosystem.

I didn’t know what PLCU Pro tokens were, so I looked them up. It turns out that PLCU Pro is a BEP-20 garbage token that Reinhardt put out in April 2022.

No matter what PLCU Pro tokens were used for, the plan is now over.

When he bought SwissCoin, Reinhardt started running MLM crypto Ponzi scams.

When that scheme fell apart, he started running his own Ponzi schemes, starting with PlatinCoin in 2017.

Late in 2019, PlatinCoin failed. In the end, Reinhardt was remade as PlatinWorld in the middle of 2021.

PlatinWorld got rid of platincoin and started using PlatinCoin Ultima (PLCU).

PLCU’s public trading value is made up. On April 5, 2022, PLCU hit a crazy high of $113,579. This was helped by a wash trading bot.

Soon after, Reinhardt and other early investors started selling their shares, which caused PLCU to drop to its current, still inflated value of $2266.

Reinhardt, who is thought to be German, ran away to Dubai in 2021. He is joined by Elias Pape, who is also from Germany and is the top net winner in SwissCoin, PlatinCoin, and PlatinWorld.

Dubai is the world’s MLM crime capital. Dubai is a safe place for scammers from all over the world because it doesn’t have any extradition treaties and doesn’t have any rules about securities fraud.

The rules for Dubai are:

If someone from Dubai tells you about an MLM opportunity, they are trying to take advantage of you. 
It’s a scam if an MLM company is based in or says it has ties to Dubai.

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