The Meta Bounty Hunters Ponzi scheme run by Holton Buggs is getting ready for a second round of investments.

Meta Bounty Hunters: Season Two and Meta Bounty Huntresses are being used to sell the illegal securities.

Buggs uses Travis Bott’s Meta Labs Agency platform to run his NFT Ponzi schemes.

Even though it hasn’t been made public, Buggs and Bott are thought to be in business together.

David Hunt, who is in the know about Meta Bounty Hunters, said on a webinar on October 13 that he plans to launch Meta Bounty Huntresses on October 15.

To promote Meta Bounty Huntresses, Hunt talks about the returns already given to investors in Meta Bounty Hunters.

In the last six months, on average, we’ve gained between 2% and 3% per week.

In just six months, we’ve already given back more than $20 million to our (NFT) holders… for the sole purpose of buying a picture.

How much money you get back will depend on how many pictures you buy.

It’s important to keep in mind that the $20 million Hunt says MBH has paid out has not been withdrawn. This number can’t be checked without audited financial reports.

People who are claiming reflections are getting close to making back their $2,000 investment in the first six months.

When you look for ways to invest, you won’t find many opportunities like this.

It’s also important to know that 80% of the money that is invested is supposed to be used to pay out returns. I say “apparently” because MBH also has an MLM part, which takes money out of the investment pool that could be used for ROI.

Holton Buggs and Travis Bott also take a cut of the top, which takes even more money out of the ROI fund.

All of this shows why Meta Bounty Hunters needs a “season two.” Math is math, and MBH, like any other Ponzi scheme, needs new money to keep going.

Ponzi debts get bigger and bigger over time, so each Meta Bounty Huntresses NFT will be flogged for $25,000. This is more than the $2000 that was put into “season one.”

This is worth $22,220,000 at 8888 NFTs.

The fact that the ROI period has also changed from weekly to monthly shows that Ponzi math is forcing MBH to take on more and more liability.

When you look at how the money moves through the scam, Meta Bounty Hunters returns are getting close to being the same, which is impossible math. Meta Bounty Huntresses is released with the goal of getting back as many of the returns as possible.

The process then starts all over again, and MBH Season 3 starts when the money invested runs out. Then there are seasons 4, 5, and so on.

Over time, the law of diminishing returns does its job, and you end up with a classic Ponzi collapse.

Insiders can start investing in Meta Bounty Huntresses on or around October 15th.

Investors with insider information are:

anyone who put money into at least five Meta Bounty Hunter positions or a “iconic” Meta Bounty Hunter NFT.

Anyone who put money into three or more of Travis Bott’s NFT Ponzi schemes

On October 16, the public can start investing in Meta Bounty Huntresses.

Organo Gold is where Holton Buggs made his name in multi-level marketing (MLM). Buggs left the company because he tried to combine crypto fraud with Organo Gold.

Buggs’s plans to scam crypto bros didn’t work out. He eventually went back to his MLM roots with iBuumerang, an MLM opportunity that is based on travel.

The COVID-19 pandemic hurt iBuumerang a lot, and the company never got back on its feet. Buggs gave crypto bro fraud another chance, and now we have the Meta Bounty NFT Ponzi schemes.

Most of the people who put money into the Meta Bounty Ponzi scheme are thought to be iBuumerang affiliates.

Hunt is an iBuumerang Black Diamond and says that Buggs is his mentor, even though he has been scammed by different crypto schemes.

When asked about the iBuumerang logo behind him, Hunt said:

This is the way we run our business, iBuumerang. That is the community that Mr. Buggs helped to build.

Most people in iBuumerang knew about this NFT before anyone else, and that’s where we trade. There, we also have more than one way to make money.

Meta Bounty Hunters was mostly a sausage fest.

Meta Bounty Hunters with Boobies seems like an attempt to get iBuumerang’s female affiliates to like it.

When he talked about the money he had lost to crypto fraud before, Hunt told potential MBH investors;

I started to figure out what went wrong and why I lost money on some projects.

And there were clear warning signs that I didn’t pay attention to because greed took over.

It’s been about five years since then. Now, many years later, I know what I think is right and what I think is wrong.

It looks like it took Hunt five years to figure out that if you invest early in Ponzi schemes, you are the one stealing from and scamming other people.

The SEC has not registered Meta Bounty Hunters, Meta Bounty Huntresses, Holton Buggs, Travis Bott, or David Hunt.

In every country with a financial regulator, it is illegal to offer, sell, or promote securities that haven’t been registered.

Despite what was said above, math shows that most people who invest in Ponzi schemes will lose their money.

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