Alexey Zhirovkin has finished his scam to get out of his Ponzi scheme.

About 48 hours ago, Zhirovkin shut down the websites for Antares Trade and Alcor Trade.

After withdrawals were turned off again, We said that Antares Trade had fallen for the third time in May.

At the time of publication, the official Facebook page for Alcor Trade was still up. The last post from October 4th is the fake YouTube deletion post, in which Zhirovkin said that Antares Trade’s official YouTube channel had been taken down by YouTube.

Zhirovkin used the name “Alex Richter” to run the Ponzi schemes Antares Trade and Alcor Trade.

Richter’s Facebook page is still up, and his last post was on August 8, when he thanked the victims for not being mad at him.

Zhirovkin is a Russian citizen who is wanted by the Russian government. He has permanent residency in the Dominican Republic.

We wrote an article on September 24 that asked how someone with a criminal record could have gotten permanent residency.

It is not clear if Zhirovkin is still in the Dominican Republic.

We know that most of the recent Antares Trade and Acor Trade victims are from France and Andorra, but we don’t know how many people were hurt or how much money they lost to Zhirovkin.

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