Investors in NovaTech FX say that the FBI audited and approved what is thought to be a Ponzi scheme.

CEO Cynthia Petion has said that she has seen the “seven hundred page” audit and agrees with the claim.

The claim that the FBI audited NovaTech FX was made on a “Compounding for Wealth” webinar on September 22.

Heather “goldengurl” Bilange, an investor in NovaTech FX, was in charge of the webinar.

For some background on NovaTech FX’s claim that the FBI audited them, we’ll start with Keith Walden.

As the last person to answer a question during the Q&A session, Walden said that he and other people joined NovaTech FX after another Ponzi scheme they were involved in failed.

[44:55] All of us are pretty new to the NovaTech family. We are really happy to be here.

We came from a group where some people were doing well, but they also had some problems.

The failed Ponzi schemes HyperFund and Hyperverse are what Walden means by “platform.”

We were worried about what to do because it was crypto winter. “What can we do to help?”

And when we started checking into the Satoshi Show a few months ago, they told us, “Listen, guys, I think this is it.”

We just believed it. We just went for it without looking back.

Troy Rejda and David Chandler, who have run Ponzi schemes before, run The Satoshi Show.

Chandler and Rejda use “TSS Golden Team” to spread the word about NovaTech FX.

That was a bit of a sidetrack, but as was already said, it sets the scene for what Heather Bilange said next.

[44:53] Cynthia, you know that’s the group that had an FBI agent write a 700-page report. Do you remember that I sent you that?

She and her husband, Eddy Petion, run NovaTech FX.

[46:02] Cynthia: Yeah, I wasn’t going to read that.

When you sent me the (unintelligible) report, I thought, “Hey, we’re not a scam!”

And the end of that whole story is that, after seven hundred pages, the FBI agent said, “This is a good company to move forward with.”

Um, then where is this report?

[46:21] Cynthia: We can’t keep saying that, or everyone will want to see that report. It’s not mine.

Don’t look for the report here. I burned it when I got to the end and saw what it meant.

I told her, “Thanks for telling me something I already knew.”

Oh, yes, I see.

NovaTech FX asks people to invest in cryptocurrency by saying that they will get a passive return every week. An attached MLM compensation plan gives investors a financial reason to bring in new investors.

The fact that the FBI can be hired to do an audit is funny. That the FBI would rubber-stamp a Ponzi scheme that involved securities, commodities, and wire fraud is *chef’s kiss*.

So far, Russia is the only country that has taken public steps against NovaTech FX.

Cynthia and Eddy Petion, who are thought to live mostly in Florida, run NovaTech from the United States.

On the September 22nd TSS Golden Team webinar, all but one of the NovaTech leaders were from the US and Canada:

  • Troy Rejda – Sr Executive – USA
  • David Chandler – SrExecutive – USA
  • Marcus Davis – Sr Executive – USA
  • Donzel Cleare – Sr Executive – USA
  • Erick Brown – Executive – USA
  • Bob Bearden – Director – USA
  • Dr Zizi – 2 Star Ambassador – USA
  • Olivier Luhaze – 1 Star Ambassador – Canada
  • Rachel Hanley – Sr Executive – Canada
  • Devey Dejong – Director – Canada
  • Mark Marshall – Jr Director – Canada
  • Eugene Kreyman – JrDirector – Australia

As of September 2022, SimilarWeb says that the US (68%), the Bahamas (8%), South Africa (7%), and Canada (4%) are the top countries sending people to NovaTech FX’s website.

NovaTech FX’s website had 2.2 million visits in September. This is because people who lost money in MLM Ponzi schemes like Hyperverse are now going to get it.

Even though NovaTech FX, Cynthia and Eddy Petion, or any of the above promoters are registered with the SEC or CFTC, they are still offering a weekly passive return to mostly US residents. This return is said to be made through forex trading.

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