After going out of business a few days ago, BLQ Football has taken down its websites.

The scam is over, and I’m sorry for your loss.

At the time of publication, BLQ Football’s many website domains now return a “maintenance” message when you try to visit them.

A few weeks ago, BLQ Football started locking accounts and turning off withdrawals for some users. Over time, the number of withdrawals and locked accounts grew, which led to investors being threatened for no reason.

Within 24 hours of our saying that BLQ football was going down, the scammers started the last steps of their exit scam.

Even though BLQ Football has only been around for a few months, on October 11th they had an “anniversary event.” The “event” was just a way to get people to give more money by promising bonus credit for bringing in investors.

At the end of October 11, BLQ Football started a “we got hacked!” exit scam to deal with concerns about people leaving.

The BLQ anniversary party was a lot of fun. Everyone also took part in the event in a big way. During the event, many of our employees were also out helping others.

During this event, however, we found a serious flaw that bad people took advantage of and passed on, which led to the theft of nearly 60 billion shillings.

BLQ HQ has now decided to turn down all withdrawals from before! There will be a full check of the books!

As soon as the audit is approved, you can take your money out whenever you want. Our current withdrawals will be credited to your account automatically within 24 to 48 hours. We’re sorry for any trouble this may cause.

This is, of course, a bunch of rubbish.

The Ugandan Lotteries and Gaming Board put out a warning about BLQ Football securities fraud on October 12.

On the same day, BLQ Football made its exit scam even worse by making investors pay a 20% tax on the amount they wanted to withdraw.

If a member doesn’t pay the 20% tax today, the fine will go up to 50% tomorrow.

Please work with the right departments to pay your taxes as soon as possible, and the BLQ platform will be back to normal as soon as possible.

On October 13, the websites for BLQ Football stopped working.

BLQ Football was a “click-a-button” Ponzi scheme that was meant to take advantage of people in Uganda. At first, people were recruited in China, but by September, they were stopped right away.

Around the end of 2021, the “click a button” app-based Ponzi schemes began to pop up. They mostly go after people in the third world, where mobile phones are the most common way to get online.

BehindMLM knows of scams like e-Cairo, Dubai Stocks, MetaUI (which is not an MLM), UG Football, and Crown Football that target Ugandans.

All of these are Ponzi schemes that will end like BLQ Football did, with most investors losing their money.

The reviews of the MLM Ponzi schemes mentioned above by BehindMLM are still being written. Between now and then,

don’t give any extra money to BLQ Soccer or anybody representing they’re a part of it

no person can get your a reimbursement from BLQ Soccer, anybody claiming to have the ability to is attempting to double-scam you

the cash in your BLQ Soccer backoffice by no means existed, you had been scammed

the explanation you’ll be able to’t log in to your BLQ Soccer account is as a result of it was a Ponzi scheme that has now collapsed

anybody luring you into one other funding scheme to get well your BLQ Soccer losses is attempting to double-scam you

BLQ Soccer is a part of 40+ “click on a button” Ponzis launched by Chinese language scammers, they aren’t supplying you with your a reimbursement – your greatest guess goes after whoever recruited you

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