Troy Mason paid $943,570 to settle fraud claims about Ztegrity Forex with the CFTC.

In a deal signed on August 15, Mason says he did

all of the things said in the (CFTC’s) Complaint and all of the things said in this Consent Order.

On October 7, Mason’s settlement was sent to the court.

In June 2021, the CTC sued Ztegrity and accused Mason of forex fraud, not registering as a commodity pool operator, and fraud by a commodity pool operator.

On the Ztegrity website, Mason said that 411 people had given him more than $460,000.

Mason signed a settlement that says he will pay $643,570 in restitution and a civil penalty of $300,000. A permanent order against Mason has also been made.

In his advertising, Mason sold Ztegrity as a “forex savings club.” As stated by the CFTC,

To convince current and potential participants that money put into the Forex Savings Club was just as safe as money put into a bank savings account, the Defendants required participants to get a “debit card” called “zBlackcard.” Cardholders were then required to put a certain amount into their accounts every month.

In 2018, BehindMLM looked at ZBlackCard. At the time the book was written, Mason had not yet used the forex scam.

He has, however, kept scamming people through different pyramid schemes.

Mason started Our Gas Club and 25X Club after ZBlackCard and Ztegrity.

Mason is currently marketing the 25X Club as of October 27.

Fiona Robinson Moody is blocking victims from the official 25XClub Facebook group. She works with Mason to scam people.

SimilarWeb has been keeping track of how the tiny amount of traffic to 25X Club’s website has gone down over the past few months.

Until the government takes more action, we don’t know how many people have been hurt by the 25X Club or how much money they’ve lost.

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