Eyal Avramovich’s failed Mining City Ponzi scheme is now a part of iMine.

On October 6, investors in Mining City got an email telling them that the company had made a “strategic alliance” with iMine.

To People Who Play Mining City:

We are happy to announce that Mining City, MineBest, and iMine will work together to help each other. We grow together!

Our new partnership with iMine is the most important part of this strategic partnership. iMine is a digital mining platform that can be used by both individuals and businesses.

As part of our partnership, we will invite the Mining City community to join us on an exciting new journey with iMine. This will involve interactive, smart, and international mining, as well as a network marketing model that is scalable, sustainable, and safe.

iMine is a copy of Mining City. It was made for investors in Southeast Asia at first.

Even though Avramovich (right) owns both Mining City and iMine, he keeps acting like they are two separate businesses.

During the time that Mining City is in transition, the company will provide technology and consulting services to a number of other network marketing and cloud mining companies. This will ensure a steady flow of income to pay for the costs of running the business while it changes to meet the new rules.

Customers of Mining City will eventually benefit from this kind of cooperation. They will be able to rest easy knowing that Mining City will have more ways to make money to pay for operational costs, customer service, and the legal and technical work that will be needed to adapt the business to the new rules.

Since Avramovich won’t admit that he owns Mining City and iMine, the email tries to get around the fact that they are both Ponzi schemes.

Please don’t think of iMine or any other company we may work with in the future as a rival to Mining City. Instead, think of them as a company with similar offers that we think will help the Mining City community and for which we plan to make similar offers along with our partner.

iMine already has a dynamic and competitive pricing model for their hash power packages, which is similar to our mining plans in some ways. They also offer a truly global mining experience through their partnership with MineBest, which allows them to get Bitcoin mining rewards from new facilities in South America and Central Asia, among other things.

As for the other member of our strategic alliance, you know that MineBest has always been a strategic partner of Mining City, giving our international community a world-class mining experience that is unmatched in the industry.

Avramovich runs his Ponzi scheme through MineBest, which is the parent company.

To avoid a backlash from investors (Avramovich’s victims asking for their money back), Mining City and iMine’s social media accounts, which used to allow replies, are now closed.

A few months ago, iMine came out as a new version of Mining City.

Greg Rogowski, the CEO of Mining City and a former worker of Avramovich’s, has taken his money and left. The CEO of iMine is a puppet named Jorge Mesquita.

Mesquita’s LinkedIn page says that he lives and works in Portugal. After working in IT, advertising, and consulting, Mesquita changed careers in 2016 and became a blockchain bro.

The Mining City Ponzi scheme was run by Avramovich and Rogowski from Poland. Even though investors probably lost a lot of money, Polish authorities have not taken any action against Mining City or Avramovich as of yet.

I’ve heard that Avramovich has run away to Dubai, but I haven’t been able to prove it yet.

So far, iMine hasn’t caught on with anyone. SimilarWeb says that websites haven’t had much traffic in the last few months.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, since the only people left in Mining City are angry investors.

If Avramovich doesn’t find some new victims who don’t know what’s going on soon, iMine is likely to follow Mining City’s long-term exit scam.

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