Just over a year after it started, Mfinity Global was sold to Medical Marijuana, which is the parent company of Kannaway.

According to a press release from October 4th,

Medical Marijuana Inc. has made a deal with Mfinity Global LLC to buy their assets.

As part of the deal, Bill Andreoli, who is a co-owner of Mfinity Global, will stay on as Kannaway’s new President.

The press release doesn’t say anything about Todd Smith, who ran Mfinity Global with Andreoli.

Smith did, however, show up in the official video about how Kannaway was bought.

Bulavita and Juuva tried to work together before, but it didn’t work out.

Bulavita came about after Wakaya Perfection went out of business in late 2019 and was bought by LaCore Enterprises.

From 2016 to 2019, Wakaya Perfection changed its name to Bulavita. In 2019, Bulavita changed its name to Mfinity Global. In 2021, Mfinity Global changed its name to Kannaway (2022).

We haven’t gone back to Kannaway, but I’ve set it up for a review update.

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