Most BLQ football backers are still in the dark about the league’s demise.

At the end of September, BehindMLM began hearing from players who had to leave their games due to injuries or disabilities.

Recent weeks have seen an uptick in reports of disabled withdrawals and closed BLQ Football accounts.

Since the beginning of October, BLQ Football has been dragging its feet on the selective withdrawal petitions it is approving.

Those investors who are not banned from making withdrawal requests will get the following message:

The processing time for withdrawal orders is between one and seventy-two hours due to the high volume of daily withdrawal requests.

Cons who actively seek out new victims for BLQ football don’t appear to be suffering from any negative side effects.

On October 1st, a phony SEC-signed legal letter began circulating (click to enlarge screenshot to the right) that purportedly aimed to silence investors who were protesting and spreading word about withdrawal issues.

There has been an unwanted uptick in slanderous assaults against BLQ Group, so the company’s headquarters has dispatched a team of competent lawyers to Uganda to investigate and take legal action against those responsible.

There have been recent reports about BLQ’s impending shutdown, including pieces containing fake information, spread by unnamed individuals on many prominent platforms and in the media.

Repeated forwarding and distribution of the aforementioned content has gravely constituted the crime of malicious defamation, as it has had a negative impact on BLQ’s charity and severely damaged its image of people-oriented and benevolent goals accumulated over the years.

In light of the foregoing, we make the following official declaration on behalf of our principal:

For the sake of erasing any potential damage, we ask that any and all sites, publications, and people who have contributed false claims or articles containing twisted facts and slanderous denigration of BLQ charity in reaction to this problem immediately take them down. 
The general public is kindly asked to refrain from making any further remarks on, reproducing, disseminating, or spreading the foregoing or similarly offensive material in any way. 
While the letter is funny, it ignores the fact that BLQ Football has only existed for a few months and has nothing to do with charity.

U.S. hotel and entertainment giant Caesars Entertainment has a banner at the top of the page. Verity Young, whose LinkedIn profile information was used to create this cover letter, signed it.

Despite popular belief, Young is not affiliated with BLQ Football or the Ceasars Group and instead practices law in the United Kingdom.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission stamp over Young’s signature is the cherry on top.

Just like Young, Caesars Group, and the SEC have zero ties to BLQ Football. The claims made in BLQ Football’s open letter are completely bogus.

If you’re wondering why they’d put something like this out there and who on Earth would believe it, let me introduce you to your typical BLQ Football backer:

The Chinese con artists behind BLQ Football only require you to click a button to conduct their Ponzi scheme.

While Chinese users made up a disproportionate share of BLQ Football’s traffic in July and August, access from China was cut off in September.

We think they’re trying to elude the Chinese government’s watchful eye in this way. In September 2022, all of BLQ Football’s viewers were Ugandan.

The use of legal threats as a “click a button” Ponzi exit-scam prediction is becoming increasingly widespread.

Investors in Ghana were threatened with “sue(d) you to the police station for arrest!” in the days leading up to the fall of the SunSolar “click a button” Ponzi scheme a month ago.

BLQ Football, like every other “click a button” Ponzi scheme before it, has been offering deposit bonuses in the lead-up to its last rug pull:

Sooner or later, word will get around to enough investors that the pool of potential hires will dry up due to the stigma associated with the disabled.

Expect BLQ Football’s websites to vanish suddenly when some unspecified internal threshold is reached.

The domains “,” “,” “,” and “” have all been linked to BLQ Football.

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