Phillip Piccolo has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Because of this, the long-running civil lawsuit between Vista Network and Phillip Piccolo has been put on hold.

Felix Angelo Piccolo, who also goes by the names Felix Angelo Piccolo and Felix Phillip Angelo, is a party to a lawsuit against Vista Network that started in 2019.

On September 12, Piccolo filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. He says he is currently out of work and has no money.

Piccolo says that he owes up to $50,000, “plus lawsuits that are still open.” One million dollars is said to be Piccolo’s total debt.

Piccolo is “involved in lawsuits, attorney debts, and judgments” against him, which is cited as a reason for his debt.

Piccolo lives with his son in Florida. He says that the only things he owns are “everyday clothes” worth about $500.

People say that any valuable things Piccolo owns “have already been taken by judgment.”

On September 15, Piccolo told the court that he was going bankrupt.

On September 16, the court stopped all proceedings because of the bankruptcy.

The Court tells the parties that they need to send a written report on how the bankruptcy is going within sixty days of the date of this order.

On December 9, 2022, there will be a hearing about case management.

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