Jack Fallon, founder and CEO of Total Life Changes, became a crypto bro this year, potentially in late 2021.

Total Life Changes wanted a “NFT/ Crypto Specialist” 

TLC Coin was then released on February 10th.

Fallon seems deep in crypto marketing.

TLC Coin was “more than crypto,” said Total Life Changes.

TLC Coin was just another MLM crypto scam.

TLC Coin was launched in February 2022.

TLC Coin is a BEP-20 shitcoin. These take a few minutes and are cheap. 

Total Life Changes promised distributors “ongoing perks including free trips, electronics, jewelry, and more!”

Underneath was “monthly incentives” securities fraud. Distributors needed 10,000 TLC coins to qualify.

Recruiting new investors funded cashing out of TLC Coin.

TLC will employ marketing dollars to recruit new subscribers.

TLC will utilize 50% of these new clients’ net income to buy back TLC tokens, which will be destroyed or given to the most devoted community members.

The goal was to defraud Total Life Changes distributors and then dump TLC Coin.

But disaster struck… TLC Coin was discontinued by March 2022.

Total Life Changes funneled TLC Coin distributor investors into a Telegram group.

Crypto frauds are common on Telegram.

Total Life Changes announced a “NFT Party” for February 17 in Las Vegas.

I couldn’t find video of this occurrence, so I’m not sure if it happened.

Total Life Changes’ NFT collections tanked.

Total Life Changes planned a “global tour” of NFT grift events, starting in Las Vegas.

“Total Life Changes GRVTY World Tour #1: Las Vegas” was an NFT collection.

This total life change The first stop on the GRVTY World Tour is Las Vegas.NFT gets you into our Thursday Night NFT Party on February 17, 2022, and current and future holders receive first dibs on future releases.

Bagholders bought 33 “World Tour” NFTs.

“Core Value #2: Passion Is Our Fuel” (7 sales out of 100) is another Total Life Changes NFT from late 2021.

“Notorious B.I.G. & Jack Fallon” (no buyer):

Jack Fallon and Biggie Smalls share a birthday. Jimi Vth of TLC’s AVTEAM created this NFT.

“We’re always hungry for more” (2000 NFTs sold)

“8 Bit Arcade” (6 NFTs sold):

TLC Coin’s Twitter was deleted on February 11th.

Total Life Changes bought tlccoin.io in October 2021. I’ve never seen it used.

Total Life Changes was offering NFTs as a bundle by mid-March.

The last post on the TLC Coin Telegram group was March 5.

The post, previously thought to be a fraud, has been deleted.

Total Life Changes never referenced crypto or NFTs again after the March 2022 exit-scam.

Total Life Changes distributors’ cryptobroker losses are unclear.

Total Life Changes isn’t the only US-based MLM enterprise to fail this year.

TranontCoin was announced in April.

TranontCoin will start in June 2022.

Tranont will be the first company to use bitcoin to generate income and reward business-building activities such as monthly subscription orders and attending events.

June 2022, will provide further Tranont Coin details.

Tranont never mentioned TranontCoin after April 2022.

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