Ghanaian immigration officers have arrested 36 scammers who are accused of working in a “recruitment sweatshop.”

As reported on October 6th by My Joy Online,

Most of the suspects are from West Africa, and it is thought that they came to Ghana to get jobs at different companies.

Later, they were asked to take part in network marketing.

The suspects use the alleged scam to get other people to fall for it so they can make money.

The name of the MLM company that the scammers joined is not given.

Alfred Nii Boye Lartey, who is in charge of immigration in Ejisu, said that what they were doing was a threat to security.

“When I went there with my men, I saw that they had locked themselves in a room and were all making calls; they were holding forms for potential victims. “They sign them up, and the people who get them pay through their Momo accounts,” he said.

The only clue given is that Abdul Azis Nasiru is in charge of the scam.

I tried to find out what company he was promoting, but I think it was because we didn’t speak the same language.

In any case, I can’t say for sure that QNet is the company in question, but immigration fraud and hiring sweatshops in Ghana are a big part of their business model.

I don’t know of any other MLM companies in Ghana that regularly break the law when it comes to immigration and hiring.

Nasiru says that the MLM company he works for “is registered” and has official papers.

The Ghana Immigration Service, on the other hand, says that the papers are fake.

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