The SunSolar “click a button” application Ponzi scheme has failed.

A few weeks ago, SunSolar affiliates began experiencing withdrawal issues. It appears that not every withdrawal was blocked, indicating that SunSolar was selective in allowing withdrawals.

SunSolar reacted to withdrawal-related issues with a message “swearing to Jesus” that withdrawals were available.

A few days later, it was confirmed that the Ponzi scheme had failed.

Many users used our website to conduct illegal money laundering operations.

As a result, users’ funds are not withdrawn by the banking system. The National Bank has now resolved the issue.

Instead of promptly removing its website and calling it a day, SunSolar attempted to extract additional funds from its investors.

To demonstrate that they have not participated in the criminal acts of money laundering, all users are required to recharge a certain amount of money.

If it is not processed in a timely manner, our company will permanently freeze user funds and file an arrest warrant for you.

A few days later, the websites of SunSolar were taken offline.

SunSolar attracted investors, particularly in Nigeria and Benin.

SimilarWeb recorded about 4.5 million visits to SunSolar’s website in August 2022.

This indicates that SunSolar’s victims may number in the millions as well. Unknown are the total losses sustained by investors.

The first “click a button” apps, Ponzis, appeared in late 2021, followed by dozens of other rebrandings.

Even though “click a button” app Ponzis are often made to target certain groups, most people think that they are made by Chinese con artists. 

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