Success Factory is a marketing subsidiary of Nils Grossberg’s OneCoin clone, DagCoin, which he founded as an investor.

Earlier this year, DagCoin crashed, leaving investors clutching yet another useless Ponzi coin.

Success Factory shifted its focus to automated forex trading in order to continue its fraud.

This has failed to acquire traction outside of a few third-world countries for recruitment (Ghana is being pillaged pretty hard at the moment).

The Success Factory itself appears to be on the point of collapse behind the scenes.

Igor Alberts and Andrea Cimbala, who are also a married couple, are thought to have abandoned Success Factory and fled to Dubai.

Alberts and Cimbala have not commented on their Success Factory departure as of yet. As soon as they find a new scam to peddle, they’ll likely come out disparaging the Ponzi scheme.

In order to gain an understanding of recent events, we consult “What Dreams May Come” lackeys Iulian Cimbala and Quini Amores.

Andreea Cimbala’s brother is Iulian Cimbala. Iulian’s sister gave him a nepotism-based position in OneCoin after he was unsuccessful in multi-level marketing.

This was also the case with DagCoin and Success Factory.

Iulian published the video “Iulian Cimbala-Leadership with Purpose – Success For All – Farewell Success Factory” to his YouTube account on September 20.

Iulian declares his departure from Success Factory in the video.

[1:12] Unfortunately, my journey with this organization, Success Factory, has come to an end.

As a result of the events of the previous two weeks, this will commence immediately.

Something from the business and management sides violates my code of honor, my life beliefs, and my worldview.

I regret having to explain this, but sadly, the situation is what it is.

It is absurdly hilarious to hear someone who earns a career through Ponzi schemes claim a “code of honor,” but I digress.

I can practically bet that whatever issue Iulian has with Success Factory has to do with money, despite the fact that he does not provide any specifics.

In the remainder of his video, Iulian justifies his financial misdeeds. He is also not through defrauding people.

[2:43] I look forward to searching for the next opportunity for our final home, our leaders throughout the world, myself, and my network family.

When a vehicle cannot take you where you want to go, you must locate one that can take you to the next level.

Iulian is presently in Abu Dhabi, where Success Factory recently hosted its 2022 top con artist celebration.

The hashtag “# elevate8” appears in Iulian’s most recent Instagram photo.

Unless I am aware of another “elev8” in the MLM industry, this indicates that Iulian has joined B-Epic.

Given that the B-owner, Epic’s Dan Putnam, faces an SEC securities fraud trial next year, this is an interesting choice.

I would have expected Iulian to seek to put as much distance as possible between himself and the US authorities (*cough* OneCoin). But again, I digress.

It is unknown if Iulian has migrated to Abu Dhabi. A week ago, he was in Dubai:

Quini Amores was a prominent OneCoin advocate who targeted Spanish people.

Late in 2020, three years after the collapse of OneCoin’s Ponzi scheme, Amores left to join Alberts at the Success Factory.

Amores’ grandfathered-in Success Factory position had attained Black Diamond by December 2021.

The YouTube channel “One Dream Team Network” published the video “Quini Amores – Leadership With Purpose – Success For All-Farewell Success Factory” on September 18th.

Amores follows a similar format to Iulian Cimbala.

[0:51] In recent days, the corporation engaged in behaviors that were quite unethical and, moreover, inappropriate for a company that I regarded as highly established.

I am referring to scenarios that have existed at a very low human and commercial level.

Like in Iulian’s speech, Amores could very well be talking about himself if the context were ignored.

[1:28] I will never again be affiliated with this firm, nor will I advocate any of their products or services.

Similarly to Iulian, Amores continues to defraud others.

[2:00] Today, I am beginning to assess these fantastic prospects currently available on the market.

Amores flew to Dubai immediately after completing his final Success Factory video.

Neither Iulian Cimbala nor Quini Amores engage in any business-related activity unless instructed by Igor Alberts.

Which begs the question of whether Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala are still members of Success Factory.

If the lackeys from “What Dreams May Come” have left, then the answer is no. And now things have become even more intriguing.

The most recent Success Factory videos of Iulian Cimbala and Quini Amores were filmed in Igor Alberts’ Amsterdam home.

Quote released a story on September 28 announcing that the mansion was now for sale.

In addition, neither Alberts nor Cimbala are recorded as the property’s proprietors.

A search of the land registration reveals that neither Alberts nor Cimbala contributed €1.85 million to the table in 2013.

According to the conveyance, Coen Janssen purchased this parcel of land from the mortgagee ING on behalf of VBJ Vastgoed using a power of attorney.

They attempted to obtain an explanation from Janssen but received a “hostile” reaction.

A call to Coen Janssen was unsuccessful. This one was a little harsh, but you can certainly ask curious questions. Correct.

Janssen is uncooperative, even when we emphasize that we are writing a story about this place.

I am unfamiliar with Coen Janssen’s name. I suppose there are two potential outcomes here:

laundering of funds of some sort (obvious explanation); or Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala’s display of affluence is based on a falsehood. 
Regardless of the agreement, Alberts and Cimbala’s “What Dreams May Come” crime den is for sale. Consequently, they have also fled to Dubai.

It is unclear when Alberts escaped to Dubai, although he has been there since at least late August.

Cimbala uploaded a photo on Instagram during the past week that suggested she was also traveling to Dubai:

Since then, and I’m trying not to read too much into this, Cimbala’s Instagram account has been removed.

I am aware that nobody in MLM uproots their lives to move to Dubai voluntarily. It is where con artists travel to evade authorities, either after knowing they are under investigation or to prevent arrest.

Alberts and Cimbala have stolen over one hundred million dollars from consumers through OneCoin, DagCoin, and Success Factory.

In addition, Alberts and Cimbala are parents to two small children. Dubai is the world’s MLM crime center and home to the most renowned con artists.

In contrast to a huge estate in the comparatively tranquil environment of Naarden, Amsterdam, Dubai is not an appropriate place to raise children.

Cimbala’s deletion of her Instagram account remains an intriguing topic. She is also absent from Alberts’ most recent social media posts from Dubai.

Alberts has nine further children from prior marriages.

Regarding DagCoin and Success Factory, the corporation is maintaining its image by promoting a new “family”:

By the time Alberts and his subordinates left, Success Factory’s leadership pool had shrunk to a handful:

Nils Grossberg, the proprietor of Success Factors, has been conspicuously missing from their latest marketing efforts. This raises additional eyebrows.

Update, September 29, 2022- I retract that statement; Grossberg is now on stage:

This was posted a few hours ago on Success Factory’s official Instagram account./end update

It is unknown exactly why Success Factory lost its top con artists. The corporation has not addressed the dispute publicly.

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